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Studium fundamentale

The primary objective of any university education is subject-related expertise. But what is expertise, what is an expert? Experts know what they do and know the contexts of their work; experts employ more than just one perspective and mode of thinking; they are capable of scrutinizing their responsibilities, aims and methods, and modifying them as a consequence.

Opportunity to think and act differently

This requires more than just excellent professional training. Studium fundamentale is an obligatory part of all degree programs at Witten/Herdecke University. One day per week, students of all disciplines take time for reflexion of fundamental issues, communicative experiences, and artistic-creative exercises. They discover new horizons, explore transdisciplinary contexts, and enjoy time and space for out-of-the-box thinking and action.

Wide range of courses

Seminars and exercises in a variety of different fields convey reflexive, communicative and artistic competences: cultural studies and social sciences, philosophy, aesthetics and art history, training in communicative skills, plus many imaginative interdisciplinary projects. The university creates a distinctive cultural arena with public lectures, concerts, theatre and dance performances, recitations and workshops.

The interdisciplinary heart of UW/H

Students are free to choose an area for the development of personal talents and interests without external constraints. Studium fundamentale provides a unique context for encounters, a market of ideas and beliefs that establish the very identity of Witten/Herdecke University.  

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