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The Bachelor programme in Business Economics aims to educate graduates with leadership skills, subject-related expertise and social competence who are trained to act responsibly in a complex competitive environment in the wider context of the global economy. The educational concept facilitates acquisition of excellent know-how, value orientation and individual growth. Students are encouraged to develop entrepreneurial qualities and personal responsibility and to integrate different ways of thinking, perspectives and cultures. We strive to train critical thinkers with the capacity to work out creative solutions under constantly changing conditions of global competition.

Typical job profiles are start-up entrepreneurs, managers in family-owned businesses, executives in multinational companies. UW/H alumni are active in NGOs or as researchers, some of them at leading international universities.  


The Bachelor in Business Economics at Witten/Herdecke University is no programme of business economics exclusively. The concept, the same as in all our economics programmes, is to convey a comprehensive understanding of complex facts, events and correlations. Here the main focus is on business and management issues which are explored not as isolated phenomena but within economic systems. Possible specializations are “sustainability”, “economic policy” and “management & strategy”. The programme offers a close combination of theoretical and practical approaches, instruction in small groups and personal supervision.  Students enjoy much freedom in curricular organization and may, e.g. spend a semester abroad. We do not encourage early or too narrow specialization. We set great store by comprehensive education which promotes flexibility and helps graduates to meet personal and social objectives. 


Students may choose between variants of six semesters (180 credits) and eight semesters (240 credits). A later transfer from one to the other is possible without any problems.

Six semesters (180 credits)

The classical six-semester version provides for the option of a partial specialization or specific focus. After graduation, or after a period abroad or a first job experience, you may pursue higher-level studies such as the Master in Management at Witten/Herdecke University. This Master programme offers Majors in “leadership & governance” and “family business”.

Eight semesters (240 credits)

The eight semester-version offers specializations in “sustainability”, “economic policy” and “management & strategy”. Students may choose courses from these areas according to personal preferences and career objectives. Each completed specialization is recorded in the Diploma Supplement and will facilitate a subsequent transfer to specialized one-year Master courses.


The UW/H tuition payment scheme, the inverted contract between student generations, ensures that everyone can afford to study here, independent of his or her financial background. Three payment modes – direct payment, payment after graduation as defined percentage of income, or a combination of both – offer solutions tailored to each student’s  individual needs.


If you think that this is right for you, we welcome your application.

Not sure? Give it a try!

If on the other hand you are not sure whether Witten/Herdecke University is the right place for you, we encourage you to come visit Witten and get a personal impression. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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