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Structure and contents

The standard period of study in this program is four semesters and concludes with a Master thesis.

The curriculum comprises

  • obligatory modules conveying basic knowledge of family businesses,
  • a comprehensive range of elective modules on topics such as family management, strategy, financing, control, succession, crisis management or asset management,
  • the mentor company program where students acquire job experience in family businesses to be analyzed subsequently in reflexion modules, and
  • fundamental studies in interdisciplinary learning contexts that school thinking beyond the perspective of a chosen discipline.

Students enjoy much freedom in planning and organizing their studies. Courses with obligatory attendance are mostly scheduled as block training from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. In addition there are weekly lectures and seminars. The concentration of in-class lectures on weekends is intended for the benefit of students in (part-time) employment but requires some flexibility as to the organization of working hours. The basic concept, however, provides for a standard period of study of four semesters. The scope permits optimum use of the comprehensive range of offered courses and corresponds to international Master programs.     

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