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Research at the Faculty of Management and Economics

The two key fields of research activities at the UW/H Faculty of Management and Economics are reflected in the degree courses the Faculty offers. Under the heading "entrepreneurship and leadership" one field concentrates on managerial questions regarding the bahaviour of prospective business leaders on the protagonist level. Research in the economics-oriented field comes under the heading "markets and institutions" with a focus on rules for the management of markets and market systems.

Apart from methodology in economics, the heading "markets and institutions" covers cross-sectional topics which we address from interdisciplinary and cross-faculty perspectives, in cooperation with colleagues from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts (institutional economics and economic philosophy) and the Faculty of Health (health management and health care systems). Here the focus is on positive and normative analyses of economic and political institutions, on detailed analyses of markets of major social relevance, and also on normative rules for such markets or economic subsystems. In addition to the health sector currently under examination, future research targets might be the energy sector or the water supply industry.

This research approach permits and even demands interdisciplinary exploration, since major challenges to future societies will require a joint effort of several disciplines. Market analysis also covers sustainability aspects and the institutional framing to (a) ensure the functional capability of such markets and (b) provide incentives to protagonists so that the result is acceptable to all stakeholders. The connection to the second key research field is apparent:

The heading "entrepreneurship and leadership" covers two economic core areas where researchers of several faculties analyse the behaviour and entrepreneurial activities of managers not only in family businesses but also in those with external management (corporate governance and management). Entrepreneurship and leadership develop within given (economic and politicl) rules; but the behaviour of managers and executives will certainly affect these rules, see the current debate on manager salaries.

The Faculty has 12 chairs, three professors without chair, four extrabudgetary professors, five honorary professors and five permanent guest professorships. The following summary lists the core topics addressed at the Faculty and the researchers involved (July 2010).

For publications see our research database: Forschungsdatenbank.

Core research topics

Family Business

Corporate Governance and Management

Institutional Economics and Economic Philosophy


Health Management and Health Care Systems

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