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Wissenschaftliche Kooperationen

Academic cooperation

The CEIE realizes several research projects together with other academic institutions in Germany and abroad. In the subsequent list, we only mention those institutions with which we maintain a closer communication and pursue common objectives in research. The list will be updated continuously.

Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
Topic: In the past, a joint project on village studies in China was realized. Currently, we organize workshops and conferences together (e.g. on rural finance). A project on informal rural finance is just being launched.

China Economic Information Network
Topic: In 2002, a joint project on the development of Chinese SME was concluded that was based on a national sample survey for the first time. In 2003 we begin to develop a Sino-German Website for b2b communication that will contribute to research by designing a self-organizing database on SME in China.

Unirule Institute, Beijing
Topic: We jointly organize conferences, for example, the December 2002 conference on public utility privatization together with the Asian Development Bank. Formerly, we cooperated in the establishment of the ICCE "Social Science China" website.

National Economic Research Institute, Beijing
Topic: Together with the Unirule Institute, we organize an academic group and Sino-German network on the general topic of the relation between the common good and competition in China. The objective is to develop ideas about the economic order of the future.

School of Economics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
Topic: We jointly develop a Sino-German PhD program in institutional and evolutionary economics. Zhejiang University has also launched a Center on Interdisciplinary Research in which the ICCE is an active participant.

International Institute for Economics, Law and Management, State University in Architecture and Civil Engineering, Nizhni Novgorod
Topic: We cooperate in setting up a POLITEKONOM Internet Club in the field of economics and management studies.

Institute for Industrial Research, Kwansei University, Japan
Topic: We prepare a joint project on intercultural problems of international M&A in the automobile industry.

Chair for Managerial Economics, University of Technology Dresden
Topic: We collaborate in editing a Handbook in Evolutionary Economics and in the context of a Sino-German PhD proramme to be developed together with Zhejiang University.

Chair for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, University of Wuppertal
Topic: We start a collaboration in teaching, holding joint classes in evolutionary economics, especially in the political economy of international trade.

Max Planck Institute for Research Into Economic Systems, Jena
Topic: We jointly prepare a sequence of Sino-German Workshops on Evolutionary Economics. The first workshop was held in Beijing on March 11-13, 2004, where the plan to continue with the series was agreed upon among the Chinese and German participants.

Center of Japanese Studies, University of Marburg
Topic: There is an ongoing cooperation related to joint research issues in the field of the theory and empirics of standardization and institutions, with a collaboration in the publication of readers and conference volumes.

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