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Anthroposophic Medicine ICURAM

"It is the duty of the physician (...) to assist ill persons in increasing their degree of freedom to the greatest possible extent. Two pillars - the love of truth and the love for the suffering human being should be the mainstays that guide us in our work." 

Gerhard Kienle (1923-1983)
Initiator and founding member of Witten/Herdecke University, physician, scientist

Welcome to the homepage of the Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophic Medicine (ICURAM)!

The curriculum in Anthroposophic Medicine started at the Medical Faculty of Witten/Herdecke University in 2004. We perceive Anthroposophic Medicine as an extension of natural sciences to gain insights into the laws governing psychological and mental processes in humans. Thus, the ICURAM uses and extends contents and workings of the regular medical curriculum in Witten/Herdecke. It ends with a university certificate.

ICURAM is primarily designed for UW/H medical students. However, external students of other medical faculties and medicine-related subjects (e.g. pharmacology, art therapy etc.) are also welcome to participate in selected courses.

ICURAM covers theoretical contents as well as training in practical medical skills. The focus is on skills required for individual medical assistance. Essential elements of the ICURAM course are: introduction to a comprehensive natural perspective, exploration of anthroposophical concepts of man and of alternative medicine, and encouragement for students to design their very own individual approach to medical education and to develop a firm will to help the sick. 

The educational objective is to train anthroposopical physicians who:

  • practise a medical viewpoint of humans which entails body, spirit and soul in therapies,
  • encourage patients to face the challenge of illness as an opportunity for personal growth,
  • promote patients’ autonomy and their will to assume responsibility for their own health,
  • form relationships to patients based on dialogue,
  • apply anthroposophical therapies: naturopathic healing substances, external applications, art therapies, healing eurythmy, counseling geared to patients’ biographies,
  • reflect on what they do as physicians and develop rational judgement regarding the efficacy of medical therapies, and
  • embark upon an individual way of development as a person as well as a physician.

A few characteristics in ICURAM:

  • patient contact from the 1st semester
  • integrative clinical block training – including natural science and anthroposophical medicine, beginning with the 4th semester
  • stimuli for reflective development of a physician's personality
  • team work with students and health care professionals 
  • interdisciplinary teams of lecturers
  • inclusion of therapies into the curriculum
  • design of therapy concepts 
  • manufacture of medication in collaboration with pharmaceutical experts
  • training in  practical skills for manual therapies (rhythmic massage, external applications)
  • acquisition of knowledge and abilities in art therapies and in healing eurythmy as an exercising therapy     
  • independent therapy with supervision at the clinical education ward for Integrative Medicine during the practical year.

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