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Research at the Faculty of Health is interdisciplinary and translational. The research focus is on Integrative and Personalized Health Care; studies from all areas of health research are performed in this context, from basic research to clinical research and health outcomes research. Research projects comprise the entire range of health care. Issue from health promotion and prevention are addressed as well as topics from curative care and rehabilitation, palliative nursing, medical and dental  as well as psychological and psychotherapeutic care.

In this way, research at the Faculty of Health reflects the fact that interdisciplinary and inter-professional approaches are indispensable in exploring the complex issues of health research. Research facilities are located not only on campus but also at affiliated hospitals, institutes and doctors’ practices in the region. The university makes the most of these specific structures to create a comprehensive network that interlinks all faculties. This cross-linking approach constitutes an essential contribution to the overall university profile.

Holders of chairs in theoretical and clinical subjects are in charge of research projects which in their majority are distributed over the main campus facilities in Witten, Wuppertal and Cologne-Merheim. All maintain various national and international co-operations.

Research institutions and researcher teams are established at the clinical centres of Witten/Herdecke University in Cologne, Wuppertal and Herdecke, with laboratory facilities and a wide range of methodological competences available to scientists on site. The matrix below illustrates the concept.

More information in German is available on the research institutions and research centres listed in the matrix.

Vertical bars represent location-based research facilities and researcher groups, horizontal bars represent centres according to research area orientation.
IFOM - Erläuterung zur Graphik: Institut für Forschung in der operativen Medizin, siehe Navigationsspalte „Forschungseinrichtungen/Arbeitsgruppen“
ZFKM - Erläuterung zur Graphik: Zentrum für Forschung in der klinischen Medizin, siehe Navigationsspalte „Forschungseinrichtungen/Arbeitsgruppen“
IFIM – Erläuterung zur Graphik: Institut für Forschung in der integrativen Medizin, siehe Navigationsspalte „Forschungseinrichtungen/Arbeitsgruppen“
AG-Trauma – Erläuterung zur Graphik: Arbeitsgruppe Trauma, siehe Navigationsspalte „Forschungseinrichtungen/Arbeitsgruppen“

ZBAF – Erläuterung zur Graphik: Zentrum für biomedizinische Ausbildung und Forschung, siehe Navigationsspalte „Forschungszentren“
ZKS-UW/H – Erläuterung zur Graphik: Zentrum für klinische Studien der UW/H, siehe Navigationsspalte „Forschungszentren“
IZVF – Erläuterung zur Graphik: Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Versorgungsforschung, siehe Navigationsspalte „Forschungszentren“

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