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At the Faculty of Health, research is interdisciplinary, international and translational. Basic research mainly addresses issues of medical relevance. For clinical researchers and outcomes researchers at the Faculty of Health the main objective is improved patient care. This website illustrates what happens in research at UW/H. The research focus at the faculty is on Integrative and Personalized Health Care (IPHC). In addition we have four interdisciplinary research centers and three thematic research groupsaddressing specific research topics. The matrix below illustrates the concept:

Fig.: Chart of the research focus IIntegrative and Personalized Health Care (IPHC). The vertical bars stand for thematic research groups, the horizontal bars represent research centres for defined research areas.

Research centres:

Research groups:

Our kind of research

Interdisciplinary and interprofessional approaches are indispensable in exploring the complex issues involved in health research. At Witten/Herdecke University, contexts for research as well as teaching are the university itself but also affiliated hospitals, institutes and private surgeries of the region. This unusual structure facilitates comprehensive networking within and between faculties and constitutes an important part of the profile of Witten/Herdecke University. Another important factor is the excellence of individual researchers.

Our teachers

University professors teaching theoretical and clinical subjects are in charge of research, in their majority on the three main campus sites in Witten, Wuppertal and Köln-Merheim. They are all active in a number of national and international research cooperations.

Our research objectives

Major strategic objectives for the research network at UW/H:

A central unit to coordinate and document research activities taking place within the separate UW/H institutions; a central and continuously updated database to record publications and projects

Support for translational research in the centres and research groups

Integration of clinical patient care levels

Interdisciplinary and interprofessional approaches to be systematically furthered by our interdisciplinary research centres

Promotion of excellence in research

  • Above average motivation among scientists is indispensable to improve the quality and quantity of research results.

  • The department for research funding and (EU) third-party financing provides support and advice concerning applications for and management of third-party funds.

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