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Institute of Evolutionary Biology

Our main area of interest is the development of aspects for systems biology that integrates modern biological knowledge of different levels for a coherent understanding of the organism as a whole. For this we study some selected zoological topics with a focus on evolutionary trends that generated the different hierarchical levels of organic systems. This includes the study of major evolutionary transitions, the origin of evolutionary innovations and the morphological, physiological and molecular conditions of their appearance.

In addition we are interested in basic theoretical questions of life sciences. Here we study the significance of different possible views on the organism and the relevance of various forms of scientific explanation in general.

We regard this basic approach as relevant for general biology and medicine as well. It is a contribution to the development of pluralistic, non reductionistic life sciences.

We offer lectures in basic biology, field trips and courses within the Faculty of Humanities and Arts. The institute includes a zoological and geological collection, which is used within the lectures.

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Universität Witten/Herdecke
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