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Workshop at the GLS Bank

Student orga team, Summer Academy 2012

Summer Academy 2011

Workshop at the Summer Academy 2011


Integrative Medicine: path to new health care

Medical students explore alternative models for the future in medicine.

UW/H medical students who support the initiative "Medicine with head, hand and heart" believe the time has come for a wider perspective. They try to give answers to current problems in health care in an interactive workshop at the annual meeting of the GLS Bank.

Traditional medicine and alternative medicine are still seen by many as irreconcilable opposites. Workshop participants explore the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. Traditional medicine is undoubtedly highly successful, specifically in acute care. But many patients prefer alternative treatments, e.g. for chronic illness or in psychosomatic medicine. Yamina Hadjeres, UW/H medical student, explains that patients appreciate the benefits of precise instrumental diagnostics in school medicine. But they also wish to be perceived as individuals and become actively involved in the healing process, and this is what alternative medicine offers.

A combination of both approaches appears to be the solution. Hadjeres: "Integrative medicine looks for ways to combine the advantages. The aim is to find the best possible therapy for the individual patient and minimize side effects." Other aspects students deem relevant in this context are sound basic research and commercial viability.

Feedback from workshop participants shows that integrative medicine is a highly topical subject. Hadjeres: "We want to close a gap and promote the inclusion of integrative medicine into medical curricula."

Witten/Herdecke University will host the summer academy on integrative medicine on campus from July 28 to August 4. One sponsor is GLS Teuhand, affiliated to the GLS Bank and similar to a foundation. Dr. Tankred Stöbe, board member of Medécins sans frontière and UW/H alumnus, will be the patron of the event. The organizers hope for additional valuable input from the president of the German Medical Association, Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, and Dr. Rudolf Henke, board member of the medical society Deutscher Bund and Member of Parliament.

More: weitere Informationen zur Sommerakademie.
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