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Hergen Wöbken (photo: Sieverding)


Web active persons vs. ordinary users - more or less regulations for the Internet?

Institut für Strategieentwicklung (IFSE) explores views of Internet users on regulations, online advertising etc. in a study.

Approximately 50 million Germans use the Internet , but only a small part of them shapes social reality as a kind of digital avantgarde. This is one of the findings of a study on digital mentality published by the IFSE (Institut für Strategieentwicklung). The study compares views and attitudes of particularly active web users with those of over 50 million ordinary users in Germany. The majority uses the worldwide web as a technical means of distribution while the pioneering minority has integrated the Internet into their private and professional lives to a degree where the boundaries between online and offline become blurred. A large majority of ordinary users demand more laws and regulations for the Internet, from a fear of fraud and data abuse. Web active persons on the other hand demand consistent framework conditions. 

Hergen Wöbken, IFSE manager and author of the study, believes it is important to understand  the mentality of web active persons in order to cope with current and future changes due to digitization, not least because the majority of web users will quickly assume the attitudes and behaviours of web active individuals.

According to the study, most web users are not willing to pay for ordinary digital contents, and financing via advertising cannot be the only alternative. Advertising will lose attraction compared to other marketing strategies, and more and more people use ad blockers. Alternative revenue models will have to be developed.

Here is the study with further findings and online ordering option:

Hergen Wöbken, UW/H alumnus, co-founded the Institut für Strategieentwicklung (IFSE) in 2003. His research focus in the context of digital mentality from 2004 onwards has been on legal and copyright issues in the Internet, digital contents, strategies and competition.  

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