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New at UW/H: Ph.D. in Nursing Science

Internationally recognized title for training according to international standards.

The School of Nursing Science at Witten/Herdecke University will start a Ph.D. program early in 2013. The program concludes with the academic degree of a Philosophical Doctor and serves to support the international compatibility of the doctorate in nursing science and improve research perspectives. Internationally, the Ph.D. builds up on the Master degree and completes the Bachelor/Master scheme. The Ph.D. program qualifies participants for academic careers and leading positions in and outside institutions of higher education.

Why a Ph.D.?

German academics frequently have difficulty explaining to foreigners the significance of a German doctor title, or a postdoctoral lecture qualification (Habilitation) which does not exist outside Germany. Internationally, the Ph.D. has a higher value compared to a doctorate. Procedures to acquire a doctorate remain largely unregulated, and Germany has only a few doctorate programs such as the one established at the UW/H School of Nursing Science in 1996. Doctoral studies are often based on individual agreements between academic supervisors and candidates. The Ph.D. in contrast is clearly research oriented, well structured and standardized. The international community has a basic common understanding of the qualifications underlying a Ph.D.

The Witten Ph.D. program covers three years. Key features:

  • four three-day training units per years,
  • discussion on doctoral projects, nursing science issues, and topics of relevance to society and health policy,
  • high-quality methodological and research-ethical input,
  • Journal Clubs and self organized studies.

A key element is a candidate's integration into a peer group and individual supervision by a team of professors. Individual supervision and guidance for a doctoral thesis is guaranteed, with access to supervisors' national and international networks of experts.


  • in-class lectures on predetermined weekends over a period of three years,
  • a PhD thesis in the form of a monograph or article-based paper,
  • a defined number of lectures and poster presentations at (international) conferences, abstracts with external peer review,
  • academic teaching within a defined scope.

More on the program: weitere Informationen zum Ph.D.-Programm.

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