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UW/H student at Rio+20 Conference

UW/H student Anna Ritz went to Rio de Janeiro where more than 150 state representatives, 800 international corporations and 10.000 NGOs met for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) and discussed issues of social justice and poverty reduction. The UNCSD is part of the Rio+20 Conference with more than 500 meetings and side events.

The UW/H student of philosophy, politics and economics describes her impressions as a student reporter on the websites of oikos International, a student initiative for sustainable management, and also on the Guardian Sustainable Business Leadership Hub, an internet platform for sustainable management hosted by the British daily "The Guardian".

In Brazil Anna Ritz learned much about the two key conference topics (a green economy in the context of sustainability and poverty reduction; an institutional framework for sustained development). She also interviewed chief negotiators, ministers and government consultants. She saw the attending heads of state and government representatives sign the "Future we want" declaration, thus accepting over 700 individual obligations. This declaration defines the political and economic developments scheduled for the coming 20 years.

Anna Ritz will present her impressions and discuss with her audience the significance of the Rio+20 Conference for future political and economic developments in the context of sustainability objectives.

Here are her reports:  Anna Ritz als Student Reporter für oikos International and Guardian Sustainable Business Leadership Hub.

More: United Nations Conference on Stustainable Development.

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