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Prof. Zimmer and Yana Gitina


DAAD award for UW/H student

This year's award for outstanding foreign students at German universities goes to dentistry student Yana Gitina from Moscow.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) honors the contribution of foreign students to the academic community. The annual award goes to foreign students registered at a German university who show social commitment beyond and in addition to outstanding academic performance.

Yana Gitina who received the prize at the UW/H summer concert last Sunday personifies this concept. In his congratulatory speech Prof. Zimmer praised her passionate devotion to dentistry, professional ambition and social commitment.  

She graduated with a diploma from the Moscow Medical School of Stomatology before she went to Germany with her parents in 2002. But here her university training was not recognized. Gitina decided against returning to Moscow, and also against a career other than in dentistry, which had always been what she wanted  to do. She began her arduous way of learning German for six years and preparing for equivalence tests and the intermediate examination in dentistry: "I was a trained dentist but some universities did not even accept my school leaving certificate. That Witten/Herdecke admitted me made me very happy. It was so easy to get connected here, and my instructors accepted me as a colleague." For the entire duration of her studies she was active in social initiatives such as Luthers Launderette (Luthers Waschsalon), a student project offering medical and dental care to the homeless. Gitina (now 36) is also involved in Special Care on a regular basis, where patients due to extremely young or old age or handicaps require specific attention. She welcomes the award as a confirmation that the way she chose was the right one, and the fact that she opted for Witten/Herdecke University as a truly fortunate conincidence. She plans to graduate with the state examination in dentistry in December. 

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