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Dates and deadlines

Management and Economics

Application deadline

for the summer semester: January 15 / Early Bird December 1
for the winter semester: June 30 / Early Bird May 15

Admission procedures

Applicants may apply all year round. For the degree programs in Business Economics and PPE Bachelor, we accept beginners and conduct admission procedures for summer and winter semesters.

Admission dates

We admit beginners for the programmes in Business Economics and PPE Bachelor for summer and winter semesters. Our master programmes in Management and PPE are starting always in winter semesters.


Selection seminar for the summer term:
January 5 - 9
February 9 - 13
March 2 - 6

Selection seminar for the winter term:
June 15 - 19
July 20 - 31
September 3

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Philosophy and Culture

Application deadline

The annual application deadline for the degree programs Philosophy and Culture (B.A./M.A.) is June 30 (date of postmark).

Application deadlines for the degree course Philosophy, Politics and Economics are March 24 for the summer semester, and June 30 for the winter semester (date of postmark).

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Nursing science

Application deadline

Application deadline for Innovative Nursing Practice is August 31, 2011.

Applications for the Master program in Nursing Science are welcome all year round.

Admission dates

The regular start for the programmes in Innovative Nursing Practice, Nursing Science, and Dementia is each winter semester. For the Master program in Nursing Science, depending on applications, we may accept beginners for the summer semester of 2012, too.

Appointments for admission interviews

As a rule we make individual appointments for admission interviews. Upon receipt and assessment of your written application we shall arrange appointments and inform you accordingly.

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Application deadline

Application deadline for beginners in the summer semester 2015:
July 15, 2014
(date of postmark)

Admission dates

The Faculty accepts 42 beginners each semester, in summer and winter.


Please note: the number of applicants is high. Two to three months upon receipt of your application we shall send you either an invitation to attend a weekend of admission interviews at Witten/Herdecke University, or written confirmation that your application has been rejected.

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Dental Medicine

Application deadline

Winter semester 2012/13: June 1, 2012

Please note:
The deadline is not extendable, and application documents sent by mail must have reached the student dean’s office by this date.

Admission procedure

Summer semester 2012: February 15, 2012
Winter semester 2012/13: July 2-6, 2012

Please note: NRW school holidays in 2012 are from July 9 to August 21 2012. We shall not offer any additional days for admission procedures.

Admission dates

Beginners: winter semester
Students changing over from other universities: both summer and winter semester

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