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DSGE / DSGI curriculum

DSGE / DSGI curriculum

In 2008 dentistry students Karl Bühring and Paul Schuh introduced the DSGI curriculum, to be followed by the DSGE curriculum in 2010. These are learning platforms that enable students of dental medicine to acquire comprehensive knowledge and competences in implantology and endodontics prior to graduation. Participants profit from a network of producers in the field and experienced dentists, and they acquire skills which considerably improve their chances of a successful career entry.

Training sessions are scheduled for a total of seven weekends. Participants meet at universities, modern private surgeries and training centres. The training programme covers numerous live operations, hands-on courses and lectures on a high academic level. Prior to receiving the certificate, participants spend time as interns with selected practitioners and pass a final examination.

Renowned partners from the business world and experts in the field support the programme and pass on their knowledge and competences.

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