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Dr. Katja Boehm
Dr. phil.

Katja Boehm

Fakultät für Gesundheit (Department für Psychologie und Psychotherapie)
Lehrstuhl für Forschungsmethodik und Statistik in der Psychologie
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

+49 (0)2330 / 62 4761

Dr. phil. Katja Boehm hat folgende, weitere Funktionen:

Gerhard-Kienle-Weg 4
58313 Herdecke
Haus D, DG
+49 (0)2330 / 62 3810


  • PhD in “Healthcare and other areas related to medicine” (Plymouth University, UK, 2006)
  • Master of Science Health Psychology (University of Plymouth, UK 2000)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honors) Psychology (University of Plymouth, UK 1999)
  • Chartered Health Psychologist status (British Psychological Society, July 2003)
  • Psychologist Practicing Certificate (British Psychological Society, July 2003)

Previous academic appointments

  • 2009 – Research Fellow at the “Chair of Theoretical medicine and Complementary Medicine”, Private University Witten / Herdecke, Germany
  • 2006 – 2008 Research Fellow at the “Unconventional and Complementary Methods in Oncology Study Group Nuremberg" in Nuremberg, Germany
  • 23rd April 2001 - 25th September 2005 Pilkington Research Fellow, Peninsula Medical School, Exeter, United Kingdom
  • 20th September 2000 – 12th April 2001 Research assistant in cognitive psychology, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

Research topics

  • Evaluation of a psychoeducational intervention for cancer patients (Profile of Mood States, Mental Adjustment to Cancer Scale, EORTC QLQ-C30, Quality of Life).
  • Assessing health advice on the Internet (websites related to complementary and alternative medicine for various health conditions, health advice given by various complementary and alternative medicine practitioners to patients via email).
  • Identifying medical students’ attitudes towards complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) (Birmingham University, Auckland University, Peninsula Medical School, Hong Kong Medical School, Georgetown USA Medical School, Toronto, Canada Medical School).                               
  • Carrying out systematic reviews for the efficacy and safety of various complementary and alternative modalities:
    • Cochrane Review in collaboration with the Cochrane Skin Group on the effect of evening primrose oil and borage oil for atopic eczema.
    • Effect of music therapy for patients with cardiovascular conditions.
    • Cochrane review in collaboration with Cochrane GynCan Group on the effect of green tea for the prevention of cancer.
    • Systematic reviews (amongst others) on acupuncture, Laetrile, CoQ10, guided imagery, Ukrain, and mistletoe for cancer.
  • Assessing differences in the reporting of research ethics between complementary and orthodox medicine.
  • Assessing differences in interests in CAM research across Europe and the USA.

Publikationen von Frau Dr. Boehm finden Sie in der Forschungsdatenbank.

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