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Digital Transformation of the Business Model: A Qualitative Empirical Analysis

Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Building on business model and digitalization literature in combination with a qualitative data analysis, we provide insights for a digital transformation of the business model. Objective of this study is to explore different dimensions of the transformation process by analyzing how incumbent companies change their re-spective business model induced by digitalization. Following a grounded theory approach, we center our findings on interview data from 18 business firm. Build-ing on top managers reception, we present a process structure for the digital transformation along different dimensions of the business model and emphasize the important preparatory phase. We connect our findings to the literature and contribute to a more holistic view on the process of a digital business model transformation.


Klos, Christoph & Clauß, Thomas


Art des Beitrags:
Vortrag / Konferenzbeitrag / Konferenzpräsentation
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Conference: ISPIM Innovation Conference 2017
2017 , Witten

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