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Embedding Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities—A Holistic View

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Within the last few years, the concepts of entrepreneurial and engaged universities have been receiving increased attention, both from a scientific and a practical point of view. Yet, surprisingly, these two concepts have largely been treated separately so far, although they obviously bear similarities, overlapping contents and synergy potential. Making use of this integration potential may considerably foster both research and practice regarding entrepreneurial and engaged universities. A stakeholder-based literature conceptualization serves to categorize and compare publications on entrepreneurial and engaged universities and is linked with an overview of dimensions regarding both concepts. Thus, this chapter aims at structuring current scientific findings and identifying overlaps in research foci and alignments in research to provide concrete starting points for embedding entrepreneurial and engaged universities. This embedment from a scientific perspective also serves for deriving practical implications on how to align the research streams to provide greater societal benefits.


Moussa, Aurel & Kesting, Tobias & Clauß, Thomas


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Developing Engaged and Entrepreneurial Universities, Theories, Concepts and Empirical Findings
2019 , Witten

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