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Sustainable business models: Opportunities and challenges for development and innovation

Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

This study provides a longitudinal, multiple case study analysis of sustainable business models and their development. We identify five characteristics of sustainable business models (organic development, collective effort, value-based actions, interaction of sustainability dimensions and distinct groups of target customers) including related opportunities and challenges particular to sustainable business models. We compare and contrast our findings with prior business model concepts in both traditional, for-profit and sustainability-oriented contexts. Different to prior contributions, our findings emphasize the joint consideration all benefit dimensions (social, ecologic, economic) in one value equation. In addition, we emphasize the value potential in the sustainability community and within the collaboration of its actors. Furthermore, we identify unconsidered complexity at the interface of customers and firms pursuing a sustainability-oriented business model strategy.


Schneider, Sabrina & Clauß, Thomas


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Vortrag / Konferenzbeitrag / Konferenzpräsentation
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Conference: ISPIM Innovation Conference 2017
2017 , Vienna, Austria

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