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PPE - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (M.A.)

"As an international student in Witten, I discovered an excellent academic environment and an open-minded university which offers a pluralistic education."

“To deepen my understanding of the interrelations between Politics, Economics and also Philosophy the PPE Master at Witten/Herdecke University offered a programme with topics that caught my interest immediately.“

"Our PPE programme attracts the change-makers of tomorrow. Whether you go into academia, politics or business: As a graduate from Witten/Herdecke you will not only make it, you will make a difference."

"PPE combines three extraordinarily interesting disciplines, teaches a set of crucially important analytical skills, and opens up attractive job opportunities in several fields. The perfect combination, in my view."

“Life is not about economics and politics alone. Its challenges and contradictions can’t be solely understood by philosophy either. Grasping world processes rather requires a combination of all. Witten expresses exactly this formula and offers me access from diverse perspectives.“

“The fact that Witten/Herdecke offers seminars instead of lectures is important when studying PPE because this leaves more room for discussions about the complex topics and thereby trains argumentative skills.“

“I have applied to several universities, but Witten/Herdecke was the place where the combination of an ambitious PPE programme and a diversified group of students was perfect.“

“I have experienced Witten/Herdecke University as a vibrant, diverse and free-thinking place, for which I have the highest appreciation.“

The real problems of the 21st century do not care about boundaries between academic disciplines. At the same time, academia today is fragmented as never before. As a result, experts often grasp only certain aspects of the complex problems we are confronted with today. What is missing are people with a broader vision combining the insights of more than one academic discipline.

PPE at Witten is addressing people who want to get a broader vision of the real problems of the 21 century – come and study the real world with us!

PPE – Excellent Education and Great Opportunities

PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) at Witten offers an optimally balanced academic education across economics, political economy, international politics, international relations, and philosophy – including philosophical economics and applied ethics. The course is entirely conducted in English. The acquired skills will allow you to enter a wide range of careers and professional fields. You will develop analytical rigour and the ability to approach complex problems at the intersections of philosophy, politics, and economics in a goal-directed and coherent way.

PPE at Witten is different

The PPE course at Witten/Herdecke strives for real inter-disciplinarity instead of teaching philosophy and politics and economics in isolation. A core value of our University is to connect rigourous theoretical training with extensive practical application. We focus on the real problems of our globalised world: Poverty and Globalization, Climate Change, the Global Commons, a Future World Society and many more.

We are convinced that the problems of the 21st century are too complex to be addressed from the perspective of isolated academic disciplines. By studying PPE at Witten, you will become an expert in the multi-disciplinary analysis of complex philosophical, political, and economic problems. This will set you apart from graduates with an exclusive master in economics or political science.

Join the Witten PPE community!

The educational approach of Witten/Herdecke is unique. We have created an active community of students and professors around each of our degree programmes. Hence, as a student of PPE at Witten, you will interact with exceptionally talented, involved, committed and sociable people.

Classes are deliberately kept small and teaching is interactive to the core, fostering discussion and avoiding what we pejoratively call "frontal teaching”. In particular, each semester our students are involved in designing the curriculum of the upcoming semester. The Studium fundamentale allows you to integrate courses in music, literature, art, history, and archeology into your degree. The possibility to choose between three majors and to conduct independent studies allows for a high degree of individual design of your course portfolio.

The Witten Network – a stepping stone to your future career

The excellent international reputation of our university helps us to attract internationally renowned scholars to give talks and teach seminars at Witten/Herdecke. In fact, the University partners with students in selecting and inviting international lecturers. Our network of partner organisations helps PPE students to pave their way to a successful career in Germany and abroad.

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PPE - Philosophy, Politics and Economics Conference 2016
PPE - Philosophy, Politics and Economics Conference 2016

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