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The Clinical Education Ward for Integrative Medicine

of Witten/Herdecke University at the Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke was developed and implemented by the Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophical Medicine (ICURAM). 

The Clinical Education Ward for Integrative Medicine (CEWIM) combines two aims: practice-related education of medical students and high-quality medical care for patients. During the course students assume independent responsibility for patient treatment as far as this is possible and they experience the whole range of work required on a ward. They are supervised by physicians who carry out, teach and correct activities of the medical round and who also assume medical responsibility for patient treatment.

The entire concept of a CEWIM is based on the idea that students contribute a number of traits from which patients may profit, e.g. commitment, interest, time, enthusiasm and knowledge.

On the other hand, students learn a lot of things during medically supported patient care which books, lectures or simulation cannot offer: understanding for real patients in an emergency situation, development of a basic medical attitude in addressing a patient's medical fate, coping with organizational tasks during everyday life on a ward, time management, communication with nurses, therapists, medical colleagues and with other organizations of the health care system.

Not only is the way of learning special, but so is the content of study and practice: it is all about bringing this idea closer to the concept of integrative medicine in which orthodox medicine is extended with the aid of complementary medicine. In the specific case of the clinical education ward this extension also comprises the field of  anthroposophical medicine, which is generally aimed at the perception and support of patients’  personal development in coping with the disease. The basis for this is a medical viewpoint of humans which entails body, soul, and spirit.


GMS - Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung


The team of the "Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophic Medicine" (ICURAM) has
developed the Clinical Education Ward for Integrative Medicine (CEWIM) (from left to right):

Friedrich Edelhäuser, MD, Diethard Tauschel, Dirk Cysarz, PhD, Christian Scheffer, MD

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