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ERASMUS Internship at Witten/ Herdecke University

Wiktoria (left) with other students at the Meet and Greet event (Photo: UW/H | Sarah Alschner)

ERASMUS Internship at Witten/ Herdecke University

Did you know ERASMUS is not only about studying abroad but also about working abroad? Wiktoria, who did her Masters’s in Clincal Psychology at our partner university SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland, came to Witten/Herdecke University for a three-month internship. Read more about her work and her experiences.

My internship at Witten-Herdecke University is my first practical experience in the field of psychological research abroad. I chose Witten/Herdecke University because research conducted here focus not only on different aspects and fields of psychology but it is also combined with psychotherapy research. In my opinion these differentiations in research are very interesting and important as it gives the possibility to bring theoretical knowledge into practice.

I am involved in three different research projects which allows me to extent my current knowledge and skills, for example I am assisting in preparation of the laboratory study, I conduct analysis and I help in literature search. All these experiences help me to get an insight into research in psychology and thanks to that I am able to consider the possibility of my future career in this field.

Besides that, at University there are many different activities in which I can take part such as additional lectures with guest from different countries, international meetings, trips and lunch breaks during which I can meet new people. The atmosphere at Uni is great, everyone is very open and willing to help and support you even if your German is far from perfect. I also really like lecturers and Professors, with whom I am cooperating with, as they are very actively engaged in student life and they also bring a lot of practical knowledge into their practice, as most of them not only engaged in research but also in psychotherapy, meditation and many other practical fields of psychology. Thanks to their experiences my understanding of research is greater and more meaningful.

If anyone hesitate if Witten-Herdecke University is a right choice to undertake practical work, I honestly recommend this experience to everyone. Here you can not only learn a lot of new skills, broader your current knowledge, but also gain a new insight into psychological research and meet new very kind and open-minded people.


Written by Wiktoria Kozlowska, Erasmus+ Psychology Intern


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