Chair of International Political Studies II

    International Politics encompasses a broad array of intersecting concerns and challenges, some of which are unique to today, others of which are endemic to the more-than-human condition. Studying these concerns and challenges involves grappling wicked problems and rehearsing interdisciplinary thinking.

    The Chair of International Political Studies II, Amanda Machin, engages with this multifaceted picture, focusing particularly upon issues of ecology, citizenship, identification, inequality, sustainability and democracy, drawing from and augmenting agonistic political theory.


    We aim to develop a critical perspective upon environmental and democratic politics, in which environment concerns are understood as posing opportunities as well as dangers for the enhancement and enlivenment of the political realm. We are also geared towards creating a synergy between research and teaching.


    • Why might contestation over environmental policy nurture rather than threaten democratic politics?
    • What role do bodies play in political participation?
    • How are environmental resources and threats articulated in populist movements?
    • Which discourses dominate environmental policymaking?
    • Where can the possibilities for democracy be located in the Anthropocene?

    The Chair of International Political Studies contributes to the teaching of the PPE Bachelor and Master Programmes. Teaching includes seminars on:

    • Politics and Sustainability
    • Political and Social Theory
    • Climate Change Discourse
    • Citizenship Today

    Current research includes projects on green populism, bodies of democracy and agonism in the Anthropocene.

    Funded Projects

    Community in Crisis? Political Identification in Europe
    Science, Numbers and Politics
    Dr. Amanda Machin

    Amanda Machin

    Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Department für Philosophie, Politik und Ökonomik)
    Lehrstuhl für International Political Studies

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