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    Management (B.Sc.)

    Prof. Dr. Erik Strauß, who is responsible for the management course, leads various seminars
    Prof. Dr. Erik Strauß, who is responsible for the management course, leads various seminars
    We usually do not offer lectures.
    We usually do not offer lectures.

    In our opinion, students learn better in small groups, where they can discuss what they have learned.

    EZW - Entrepreneurship Center Witten
    EZW - Entrepreneurship Center Witten

    Learn to fly: EZW supports students in finding and realising their start-up ideas.

    The library is open 24/7
    The library is open 24/7
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    Alumni with outstanding careers and top rankings on a regular basis in university surveys (CHE, universum, trendence) speak for themselves: The Bachelor programme in Management (B.Sc.) at Witten/Herdecke University is the perfect basis for a successful career as a responsible business executive, well equipped with navigational competences for the 21st century.

    Critical mindset – entrepreneurial initiative

    The Witten approach has a strong practical orientation and offers ample room for personal development. What we support from the very first day is a creative, critical mindset and entrepreneurial initiative. Over the first semesters you acquire the necessary methodological tools and analytical competences to tackle complex problems and challenges across the boundaries of economic (sub)disciplines. In later semesters you have many options of specialization according to your individual interests.

    Our tuition payment scheme

    We believe in social value orientation as an important element of subject-specific studies and also in the wide range of Studium fundamentale courses. The UW/H-specific tuition payment scheme, the “inverse contract between student generations” includes the option to repay tuition fees only after graduation and as soon as you are in gainful employment. This concept makes studies in Witten affordable for everybody independent of family background and financial status.

    Maren Raß, Business Economics student
    The special thing about economics studies in Witten is that you are appreciated as an individual and have many options to find and pursue your own way. Close links to the business community offer ample opportunity for comprehensive work experience prior to graduation. This is excellent preparation for your entry into the labour market.
    Maren Raß, Business Economics student
    Marius Lorenz, Business Economics student
    Graduates of Witten/Herdecke University have been educated as wanderers between several worlds who look beyond the boundaries of a chosen discipline; they have been trained to cope with ambiguities and insecurities. I believe the numerous options to assume responsibility are very important.
    Marius Lorenz, Business Economics student
    Stephanie Hueck, Managing Partner, Gerhardi Alutechnik, Lüdenscheid
    I know Witten/Herdecke University from the perspective of a family business. The university has successfully built bridges to practice with numerous formats of further education, interesting publications and research topics, and the annual Congress for Family Businesses.
    Stephanie Hueck, Managing Partner, Gerhardi Alutechnik
    Hendrik Pontzen, Associate Director, Head of Custody Sales and Business Development, Insurances & Asset Managers, HSBC
    Good managers have acquired not only methodological expertise but also the competences to devise solutions to problems for which no standard methods are yet available. Expert knowledge must therefore be complemented by education and personality. The concept of the degree programme in Management in Witten meets this requirement in a remarkable way.
    Hendrik Pontzen, Associate Director, Head of Custody Sales and Business Development, Insurances & Asset Managers, HSBC
    Birgitta Wolff, President, Goethe University Frankfurt
    What I learned in Witten is that university means more than just a cake to be shared out and be done with it – you need to go on baking cakes. In other words: a joint and ongoing effort.
    Birgitta Wolff, Präsidentin der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main

    Studium fundamentale or fundamental studies is the interdisciplinary core curriculum of each degree programme at Witten/Herdecke University: Once per week students of all disciplines meet for seminars on a wide range of topics from arts and culture or engage in creative exercises. Fundamental studies promote new insights, a view beyond boundaries and critical scrutiny of apparently self-evident truths. The course selection is unrestricted.

    Three fields of competence are addressed within Studium fundamentale:

    (a) The field of reflexive competence serves to train systematic thought and discrimination by conveying basic theoretical and methodological knowledge beyond one’s own discipline. In addition, students discuss current national, European and international policy issues.

    (b) The field of communicative competence helps practice communicative techniques and strategies being appropriate for specific subjects and speech situations. This training ranges from vocal training to group communication as well as from direct interaction to virtual communication.
    (c) The field of artistic competence offers ample opportunity to test and expand artistic potential inherent in fine arts, music, dance and theatre. The arts invite students to explore their cognitive and physical potential in order to view the world from a perspective different from the scientific one.

    Students at Witten/Herdecke University organize their financial contributions to the tuition fees by themselves. In 1995 students designed the Reverse Generational Contract in order to enable students to study regardless of their financial background. To date, they design the contract independently within the StudierendenGesellschaft (SG) which, together with UW/H, guarantees that personality and talent are the decisive factors for access to higher education – not the financial background.

    As the amount of the financial contributions exclusively depends on the income of our graduates, they reflect the prospective income of students and create a high level of mutual responsibility.


    What we offer:

    • a structured academic degree programme
    • learning in small groups, excellent supervision
    • a large network of partner companies (start-ups; regional, national and international enterprises)
    • specialization options in entrepreneurship and sustainable management
    • first-class specialist training, combined with
    • ample time and scope for individual development and extracurricular activities.


    What we expect:

    • commitment and willingness to
    • expand your intellectual horizon
    • become proactively involved in curricular affairs and campus life, and
    • assume responsibility for yourself and others.
    • Winter semester: October 1
    • Summer semester: April 1
    Deadline for applications  
    • January 31 (Early Bird November 15) for the summer semester
    • July 31 (Early Bird May 15) for the winter semester
    Duration and scope B.Sc. 180 CP, six semesters
    Academic degree Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
    Form of studies Undergraduate programme, which leads to a first diploma qualifying for a profession.
    Language German and English
    Stay abroad voluntary
    Size of courses about 25 students
    Application Online application and personal selection procedure
    Application fee No application fee for the winter semester 2020/21
    • Excellent training in management
    • Consistently top positions in relevant rankings (CHE, universum, trendence)
    • Strong practice orientation
    • Small groups and excellent supervision
    • Studium fundamentale
    • Personal access to the network of partner companies
    • Exclusive career options
    • Early research training in Independent Projects
    • International network through co-operations in teaching and research, e.g. double degree programme with the University of Victoria (Canada), Universiteit van Stellenbosch (South Africa), IPADE Business School Universidad Panamericana (Mexico), Kansai University (Japan), La Sapienza (Italy) and others
    • Consecutive Master programme
    Our students are your guides on your Taster Day
    Application deadlines

    You can apply for a place to study all year round. However, please pay attention to the application deadlines for the respective semesters:

    • 30 January for the summer semester / early bird deadline: 15 November
    • 31 July for the winter semester / early bird deadline: 15 May
    Current selection dates
    Application documents
    Personal selection procedure
    Your contact for the application process
    Christiane Weber
    Your contact for the application process

    Christiane Weber

    Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

    Academic course convener
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erik Strauß
    Academic course convener

    Univ.-Prof. Dr.
    Erik Strauß

    Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Department für Management und Unternehmertum)
    Dr. Werner Jackstädt-Stiftungslehrstuhl für Controlling und Unternehmenssteuerung

    Phone: +49 (0)2302 / 926-567

    E-Mail: Erik.Strauss@uni-wh.de

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    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hendrik Wilhelm

    Univ.-Prof. Dr.
    Hendrik Wilhelm

    Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

    Die Universität Witten/Herdecke ist durch das NRW-Wissenschaftsministerium unbefristet staatlich anerkannt und wird – sowohl als Institution wie auch für ihre einzelnen Studiengänge – regelmäßig akkreditiert durch: