Chair of Fundamentals in Psychology

    Chair of Fundamentals in Psychology


    Over the past years our group has focused on developing the theoretical basis and the methodological foundations of a first-person science of consciousness, the self and other core psychological phenomena. Such a first-person science can be as rigorous as other empirical approaches as long as it is conducted in a systematic fashion; hence, different training courses have been offered. Other areas involve research on sustainability, meditation, and philosophical perspectives on psychology. Since 2014 we have been involved in setting up the Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophic Psychology, with now more than 30 events and courses running each semester.

    Supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses typically falls in the realm of a first-person science where students choose a topic of interest and scrutinize their own experience over an extended period of time, often uncovering elusive psychological processes that are difficult to explore with standard third-person methods.

    The core research themes cover theoretical and methodological aspects of a first-person science of consciousness, the self and various other psychological phenomena.

    Our research focuses on:

    • First-person science of consciousness
    • Meditation and spirituality
    • Social psychological research

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