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    Dean's Office and bodies

    Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Management and Economics

    The Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Management and Economics is the faculty’s central governing and administrative unit. Dean and Managing Director share competence for the faculty’s leadership, organisation and strategic development.

    The Student Dean’s Office forms an integral part of the Dean’s Office. Chaired by the Vice Dean for Teaching, the Student Dean’s Office is responsible for coordinating the degree programmes, teaching and examination matters. The Vice Dean for Research is also part of the team.

    Dean’s Office – Contact Information

    Please contact the Dean’s Office via:

    Please contact the Student Dean’s Office via:

    The Faculty Council is the highest academic decision-making body at the faculty. One third of the Faculty Council each consists of professors, academic/non-academic staff and students. The Dean, the Managing Director as well as the Vice Deans for Teaching and Research are also Faculty Council members. The Dean chairs the Faculty Council, which elects the Dean as well as the Vice Deans and the faculty’s representatives in the Senate.

    The Faculty Council takes decisions on doctoral and postdoctoral procedures and on the student selection procedure. In addition, it is involved in the further development of the range of courses and the faculty in general.

    Faculty Council members:

    • Prof. Dr. Marcel Tyrell (Dean)
    • Dr. Jörn Weingärtner (Managing Director)
    • Prof. Dr. Marcel Hülsbeck (Vice Dean for Teaching)
    • Prof. Dr. Sabine Bohnet-Joschko
    • Prof. Dr. Dirk Sauerland
    • Prof. Dr. André Schmidt
    • Prof. Dr. Erik Strauß
    • Tim Gruchmann
    • Leona Henry
    • Ann-Sophie Löhde
    • Dr. Sigrun Caspary
    • Batya Blankers
    • Marla Hinkenhuis
    • Louis Jarvers
    • Friederike Müller

    Contact information

    Gabriela Koerber:


    Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaft (Dekanat)

    Phone: +49 (0)2302 / 926-546


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    Christiane Weber:


    Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaft (Studiendekanat)

    Phone: +49 (0)2302 / 926-548


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