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    An integrative perspective

    International Political Economy focuses on the interaction between economy and politics in global contexts. As an interface discipline between political science and economics it tries to fill a conceptual vacuum between international economics and international relations: While economists traditionally tend to neglect the significance of political positions of power in external economic relations, political scientists constantly underestimate the role of exchange and co-operation in international politics.

    As the objective is an integrative perspective of disciplines belonging together, namely politics and economics, International Political Economy is of fundamental importance to the “Philosophy, Politics, and Economics” (PPE) Bachelor and Master programmes at Witten/Herdecke University.

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    Prof. Dr. Joachim Zweynert
    Members of the professorship

    Prof. Dr.
    Joachim Zweynert

    Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Department für Philosophie, Politik und Ökonomik)
    Professur für Internationale Politische Ökonomie

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    E-Mail: Joachim.Zweynert@uni-wh.de

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    Professor Dr. Joachim Zweynert welcomes the participants of the 2nd Witten Conference on Institutional Change
    Professor Dr. Joachim Zweynert welcomes the participants of the 2nd Witten Conference on Institutional Change
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    Our teaching activities focus on issues of globalization and global governance, economic development and international social inequality. As these topics shoulder a lot of normative weight, our teaching activities aim at analytically deconstructing the widespread myths about globalization – for example, that globalization lowers social standards – and at confronting them with compelling empirical findings.

    It is our didactic concern to enable the students to confidently handle the diversity of possible perspectives which is confusing at first but inevitably results from working at the interface between two disciplines. In particular, we aim at exploring how the findings of political science and economics may stimulate each other in order to better understand the issues of a global economy being closely intertwined. 

    The seminars are based on primary literature to be individually prepared by the students. We foster and demand active student involvement.

    • Informal institutions and institutional transfer
    • Economic ideas and institutional change
    • Theory of limited and open access orders
    Network of Excellence: “Institutions and Institutional Change in Post-Socialism”
    Violence, the Evolution of Social Orders, and Transnational Relations – A Re-Interpretation of the Political Economy of Continental Europe in the 20th Century
    Book project: “A Failed Transition of the Mind?”
    Doctoral thesis: "Ideas as a Source of Change in Political Economy: Free Trade in the United States after 1960"

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