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    President Prof. Dr. Martin Butzlaff
    President Prof. Dr. Martin Butzlaff
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    Since its foundation in 1983, crossing borders has played a vital role in the vision and mission of UW/H. Borders between theory and practice, between disciplines and faculties, but also actual physical borders between national states. UW/H is a proud member of an international research network spanning over all five continents; it permanently extends its network of partnerships on student and faculty exchange as well as research co-operation with universities world-wide. Furthermore, education at UW/H does not stop at merely studying a subject, it is a simultaneous process of personal and intellectual development. Hardly anything is as formative as international experience. Hence, we strongly encourage our students – and our staff as well – to gather experience abroad during the studies, but also through practical experience and border-crossing student initiatives. It makes us proud that many of our alumni have taken up international careers and serve as UW/H ambassadors abroad. By the same token, we cordially invite the world to Witten: Join us for studying, teaching, research, intercultural learning and the crossing of borders!

    Sincerely yours,

    Prof. Dr. Martin Butzlaff

    Universität Witten/Herdecke
    We have been educating students in humanities/arts,management and economics, psychology, nursing science, medicine and dentistry for more than 30 years.
    Knowledge and competence being reflected in practice and developed further. Enough freedom for students to develop their own personality. Values combining curiosity, dedication and humanity. This is what UW/H has always been standing for.
    Encourage freedom
    Strive for truth
    Assume social responsibility
    Continent Country, City Partner University Co-operating Faculty ERASMUS Code ERASMUS+ Double Degree
    Africa South Africa, Stellenbosch Universiteit van Stellenbosch Management/Economics, Medicine  
    Americas Brazil, Curitiba   Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR)  Management/Economics
    Chile, Valdivia Universidad Austral de Chile  Medicine
    Canada, Edmonton University of Alberta  Dentistry
    Canada, Victoria University of Victoria Management/Economics x
    Mexico, Mexiko City IPADE Business School, Universidad Panamericana Management/Economics
    United States of America, Wooster (Ohio) The College of Wooster, Department of Economics Management/Economics
    United States of America, Cleveland (Ohio) Case Western Reserve University Medicine x
    United States of America, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) University of Pennsylvania Dentistry
    Asia China, Hong Kong Hong Kong Baptist University Management/Economics
    China, Guangzhou Southern Medical University Medicine
    China, Chengdu Southwest Jiaotong University Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts
    China, Guangzhou Sun Yat-Sen University, Lingnan (University) College Management/Economics
    China, Hangzhou Zhejiang University (ZJU) Management/Economics
    Japan, Osaka Kansai University Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts
    Japan, Tokyo Sophia University Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts
    Japan, Tokyo Tokyo Keizai University Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts
    Korea, Seoul Korea University Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts
    Australia / New Zealand Australia, Robina Bond University Management/Economics
    Australia, Canberra University of Canberra Management/Economics
    New Zealand, Dunedin University of Otago Dentistry
    Europe Austria, Vienna Medizinische Universität Wien Dentistry A WIEN64 x
    Belgium, Hasselt Universiteit Hasselt Management/Economics B DIEPENB01 x
    Cyprus, Nicosia University of Cyprus Management/Economics CY NICOSIA01 x
    Czech Republic, Ostrava University of Ostrava Nursing Science (staff exchange) CZ OSTRA02 x
    Denmark, Aarhus Aarhus Universitet School of Business and Social Sciences Aarhus Management/Economics (staff exchange) DK Arhus01 x
    Denmark, Roskilde Roskilde University  Management/Economics DK ROSKILD01 x
    Finland, Lappeenranta Lappeenranta University of Technology Management/Economics SF LAPPEEN01 x
    France, Clermont-Ferrand Université d’Auvergne Dentistry F  CLERMON01 x
    France,  Saint Etienne Université Jean Monnet de Saint Etienne Medicine F STETIE01 x
    France, Paris Université Paris Descartes Dentistry F PARIS005 x
    France, Paris Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense Management/Economics F PASIS010 x
    Hungary, Budapest Andrássy Gyula Deutschsprachige Universität Budapest Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts HU BUDAPES46 x
    Iceland, Akureyri University of Akureyri Management/Economics IS Akureyr01 x
    Italy, Bari University of Bari Aldo Moro Management/Economics I Bari01 x
    Italy, Bergamo University of Bergamo Management/Economics I  BERGAMO01 x
    Italy, Bologna Università di Bologna Management/Economics I BOLOGNA01 x
    Italy, Bolzano / Bozen Freie Universität Bozen Management/Economics I BOLZANO01 x
    Italy, Brescia Universitá degli Studi di Brescia Dentistry I BRESCIA01 x
    Italy, Pisa University of Pisa Management/Economics I PISA01 x
    Italy, Rome Università degli Studi die Roma La Sapienza Management/Economics I  ROMA01 x
    Italy, Rome Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata" Management/Economics I ROMA02 x
    Italy, Rome European University Rome Management/Economics I ROMA23 x
    Italy, Salerno Università degli Studi di Salerno Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts I SALERNO01 x
    Italy, Siena Università degli Studi di Siena  Management/Economics, Medicine I SIENA01 x
    Italy, Torino Università degli Studi di Torino Medicine I TORINO01 x
    Latvia, Riga University of Latvia Management/Economics LV RIGA01 x
    Liechtenstein, Vaduz Universität Liechtenstein Management/Economics LI Vaduz01 x
    Lithuania, Klaipėda LCC International University Management/Economics LT KLAIPED02 x
    Norway, Kongsberg The University College of Southeast Norway Management/Economics NO KONGSBE02 x
    Norway, Tromsø The Arctic University of Norway Medicine NO TROMSO01 x
    Poland, Warsaw Kozminski University Management/Economics PL WARSZAW 21 x
    Poland, Warsaw Medical University of Warsaw Medicine PL WARSZAW06 x
    Poland, Poznan Poznan University of Economics Management/Economics PL POZNAN03 x
    Poland, Wroclaw WSB University in Wroclaw  Management/Economics PL WROCLAW15 x
    Portugal, Coimbra Universidade de Coimbra Medicine P COIMBRA01 x
    Russia, Saint Petersburg Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics  Management/Economics
    Russia, Moscow State University - Higher School of Economics Management/Economics
    Slovenia, Ljubljana University of Ljubljana Management/Economics SI LJUBLJA 01 x
    Spain, Barcelona Universitat International de Catalunya Dentistry E  BARCELO24 x
    Spain, Bilbao Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Uniberstitatea (UPV/EHU) Management/Economics E BILBAO01 x
    Spain, Granada Universidad de Granada Management/Economics, Humanities/Arts E GRANADA01 X
    Sweden, Falun Högskolan Dalarna Management/Economics S FALUN01 x
    Switzerland, Bern Universität Bern Medicine CH BERN01 Swiss-European Mobility Programme
    Switzerland, Lugano USI University of Lugano Management/Economics CH LUGANO01 Swiss-European Mobility Programme
    Turkey, Istanbul Galatasaray University  Management/Economics TR ISTANBU02 x
    Turkey, Istanbul Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Management/Economics TR ISTANBU41 x
    Turkey, Istanbul MEF University Management/Economics TR ISTANBU49 x
    Turkey, Istanbul Nisantasi University Istanbul Management/Economics TR ISTANBU45 x
    Turkey, Istanbul Yeditepe University Humanities/Arts, Medicine, Psychology TR ISTANBU21 x
    United Kingdom, Buckingham University of Buckingham Management/Economics UK BUCKING01 x
    United Kingdom, London Regent's University Management/Economics UK LONDON134
    United Kingdom, London International American University Richmond Management/Economics
    United Kingdom, Swansea Swansea University Management/Economics (staff mobility) UK SWANSEA01 x