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Faculty of Management and Economics – Profile

Future decision-makers in business, politics and society require, in addition to subject-related and methodological expertise, a comprehensive understanding of complex political and social contexts. This is why training in business economics always needs to include the fundamentals of general management. The basic concept for economics programmes in Witten is instruction in small classes and the integration of theory and practice at a high level. We want our graduates to be economists with excellent qualifications, future leaders and personalities who have learned to assume responsibility for themselves and others early in their studies.


We invite our students to consider alternatives, seek for solutions, cope with challenges, try out new perspectives and grasp systemic correlations. Business enterprises operate in a complex environment of markets, economic realities and political framework conditions. Consequently our degree programmes are designed to convey the navigational competences required to cope with dynamic economic systems and frequently changing challenges.

Theory based and practise oriented learning

The focus in our degree programmes is on independent, theory based and practice oriented studies. Primary educational objectives are subject-related expertise and in addition personal growth, realization of potentials and value orientation. From the outset students are actively encouraged to realize projects or start their own business; this stimulates entrepreneurial initiative and practice orientation. Any issues not covered by the courses we offer can be explored in so called independent studies as an individual research project.

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Research topics with strong future potential

In research we address topics of social relevance with implications for the worlds of academia and business practice. Key research activities address interdisciplinary projects because the challenges we face in business, politics and society tend to transcend boundaries, also those of individual disciplines.

The two key fields of research activities at the UW/H Faculty of Management and Economics are reflected in the degree programmes the faculty offers. Under the heading “entrepreneurship and leadership” one field concentrates on managerial questions regarding the behaviour of prospective business leaders on a protagonist level. Research in the economics-oriented field comes under the heading “markets and institutions” with a focus on rules for the management of markets and market systems.

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