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    SPRISTAD – international collaborative study on the training and development of psychotherapists

    SPRISTAD is the Society of Psychotherapy Research Interest Section on psychotherapy Training and Development. Since 2011 psychotherapy researchers from many countries have met and discussed topics associated with psychotherapy training and psychotherapists’ development. A major focus was and is the longitudinal study on the experiences of psychotherapy trainees throughout their training. Since 2013, collaborators from 23 countries and 96 training institutes have taken part in the study; up to now more than 1500 trainees have shared their experiences with us. Any university-based institute or free-standing/private training institutes with programms lasting at least one year may take part in the study. In the interest section we have developed forms to ask for information on trainees’ experiences in training, the training institutes and supervisors. Both quantitative and qualitative data are assessed here.  

    Trainees are able to participate confidentially via links to the interactive online instruments, which are currently available in Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovenian and Spanish. The Collaborative Longitudinal SPRISTAD Study is co-ordinated by the Research Committee chair in conjunction with the Steering Committee executive group.

    The current Section chair is Thomas Schroder (2023-2025), preceded by Armin Hartmann (2020-2023), Ulrike Willutzki (2018-2020), Michael Helge Rønnestad (2016-2018), Bernhard Strauss (2014-2016), and David Orlinsky (2011- 2014). The current chair-elect is Erkki Heinonen, and the counsellors are Henriette Löffler-Stastka, Irene Messina and Jan Pirke. 

    Study Participation


    Study goals:

    • Trace changes in psychotherapy trainees during their training and
    • Identify factors, which promote or hinder the trainees’ development by
    • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data about those changes for many psychotherapy trainees in different trainings.



    Who can take part in SPRISTAD?

    • Every training program, which takes at least 12 months
    • Conditions:
      • One SPRISTAD member functions as Local Research Coordinator and/or
      • It exists a liaison with the SPRISTAD research committee
    When will I receive an invitation to start with the survey?

    Once you have given your informed consent, you will receive an invitation email.

    What can I do if I do not see an invitation email?

    You should check your SPAM folder. Also, you should check, if your email address has changed since the last time you filled out a survey. Please make sure to communicate such changes to your local research coordinator.

    How can I open a survey?

    By clicking on the personalised link you received by email. It works best, if you open the link in a new tab.

    Can I participate on the TCPR without having fully completed the TBIF?

    No, you will only receive an invitation to the TCPR and further TCPR's once you fully completed the TBIF.

    Do I have to keep track on the data sequence?

    No, six months after you submitted the previous TCPR, you will receive the next invitation automatically.

    Will I be reminded to complete a survey, if I have not done it yet?

    This depends on the arrangement with your local research coordinator. You will be automatically reminded 3-5 times every two weeks. Your link will still work after this time but you will not receive a reminder for a certain survey anymore.

    What can I do, if the link does not work or any technical difficulties appear during the completion ?

    You should check your browser settings. We advise against using the Internet Explorer. Firefox has been useful for optimal processing. In this case cookies should be allowed if requested.

    How will I know, if I have already completed a survey?

    You will receive a confirmation email after pressing the submit button.

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