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    Entrance of Registrar’s Office
    Entrance of Registrar’s Office
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    The Registrar’s Office at Witten/Herdecke University is always available for answering your questions.

    Due to current events, the dates for the financing agreement with the StudierendenGesellschaft will be postponed until further notice. Should questions or uncertainties arise regarding financing during the enrolment process, please contact the SG directly by e-mail or by phone (02302/926-402).

    Since completing your financing agreement is a prerequisite for enrolment at the UW/H, enrolment is currently postponed.

    As soon as there are any changes, we will inform you immediately.

    If you have any questions concerning the general enrolment process, please contact the Student Secretariat by e-mail or by phone (02302/926-403) from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

    We ask for your understanding.

    Your Student Secretariat


    Phone: +49 (0)2302 / 926-403  for regular students
    Phone: +49(0)2302 /  926-405  for doctoral students, students with dual and limited registration
    Fax: +49 (0)2302 / 926-412

    Private Universität Witten/Herdecke gGmbH
    Studierendensekretariat (Registrar’s Office)
    Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50
    58448 Witten

    Rooms: E8 und E9, section B


    You will receive the information and documents required for registration as soon as you have accepted the place to study in the application management section (via the electronic campus management system UWE). The registration period for the summer semester is from the second week in March up to and including the second week in April, and for the winter semester from the first week in September up to and including the second week in October. The 'Instructions for application' leaflet provides information on the individual steps to be taken.

    Registration as a student or doctoral student in UWE also gives access to the UWE manual. A click on 'short guide to UWE' opens a window. Here you are requested to register with your access data. The manual contains many useful instructions how to handle the system, such as how to set up a study plan, learn about examination dates, and register for exams or cancel registrations.

    Very important: We will send any important information exclusively to your UW/H email account. Therefore, please check your UW/H email account ( on a regular basis. Please be advised that redirected emails may not reach you and you miss important information as a consequence; so we recommend not setting up email forwarding.

    All students and doctoral students have to re-register every semester. Please see the next section for more information.

    Further information:

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    I was ill and therefore unable to re-register. What shall I do?
    Why do I have to complete an online form for re-registration? At other (public) universities it is sufficient to pay the social welfare contribution and semester ticket.
    I am long-term doctoral student. What do I have to do to re-register?
    I was/am abroad. How shall I re-register?
    I would like to apply for deferment for the next semester. What do I have to do?

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