Faculty of Management, Economics and Society

    Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

    Teaching and research at the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship aim at understanding, explaining and shaping economic objectives, decisions and change processes. As our research focuses on human beings it views individuals, groups and organisations from a behavioural perspective. We pave the way for our students to take on leadership responsibility and expect them to have a positive and sustainable impact on organisations and society.
    In addition to the traditional benefits renowned universities usually offer, like designated research projects, extensive networks and a high degree of interdisciplinarity, our students also benefit from open discourse and dialogue, and from degree programmes which do not only qualify for profession but also foster personal growth.


    Research at the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship aims at understanding, explaining and creating economic objectives, decisions and change processes. The Department focuses on research activities that are shaped by the profiles of its professors, chairs and institutes. They can be subdivided into three research areas:

    (a) leadership and responsibility,
    (b) innovation and foundation, and
    (c) organisation and markets.

    The Department’s research profile is primarily characterised by two aspects. Complex issues concerning interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary topics make an impact on practice and are crucial to the Department’s research. And as enterprises, organisations and their environment constantly change, looking into the dynamics, change and transformation thus combines many of the Department’s research perspectives.

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