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    Chair for Leadership & Dynamics in Family Businesses (WIFU Endowed Chair)

    Team of the Chair for Leadership & Dynamics in Family Businesses
    Team of the Chair for Leadership & Dynamics in Family Businesses

    Scholarship recipient Dr. Thomas Urban, Jeanette Wolff, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe, scholarship recipient Sina Bohnen

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    Research and teaching of the endowed chair of the Witten Institute for Family Business (WIFU) focus on psychological, family psychological and sociological issues of family businesses and their connection with economics. The Chair stands out due to its comprehensive sociological and psychological know-how. In order to meet the challenges resulting from the interaction between family and business the chair adopts a systems perspective and promotes the corresponding theory development. The Chair for Leadership & Dynamics is unique in Germany as to its content and its affiliation to the Witten Institute for Family Business.


    The following questions are of interest in this context:
    Linking theory and practice

    Our teaching focuses on the specific characteristics of family businesses from a psychological and sociological perspective. Among others, this includes the following courses:

    • Family strategy and family governance
    • Conflicts and conflict management in family businesses
    • Psychology of succession
    • Associate competence and associate qualification
    • Systemic strategy development in family businesses
    • Systems theory and theory of organization and their meaning for understanding family businesses
    • Leading family businesses: Mental models and structural risks
    • Group dynamics
    • Communication, coaching and leadership
    • Further developing a family business systems theory
    • Managing conflicts and crises in family businesses
    • Solving problems concerning corporate succession
    • Transgenerational entrepreneurship in family businesses
    • The psychological meaning of property and ownership

    Detailed information on research topics, projects and publications of the Chair is available on the WIFU homepage at  the WIFU-Homepage.

    Team of the Chair for Leadership & Dynamics in Family Businesses (WIFU):

    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe

    Univ.-Prof. Dr.
    Arist von Schlippe

    Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Department für Management und Unternehmertum)
    WIFU-Stiftungslehrstuhl für Führung und Dynamik von Familienunternehmen

    • Dr. Thomas Urban
    • Sina Bohnen

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