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Regions in China

China is a country of vast size, and in order to understand the complex interactions between the local, the national, and the global level a sound empirical foundation is indispensible. We develop a complete economic database on Chinese prefectures and provinces in the "Geographic Information Systems" framework. So far, the prefectural level has been neglected in statistical research on China. We believe that it is the ideal middle way between the provincial level and the local level, grasping the comparative dynamics of complete urban/rural systems.

Furthermore, to understand the dynamics of regional change, we need to shed more light on the economic and political processes on the sub-provincial level. These cannot be understood by looking at the mere data. Therefore we have launched a series of projects that focus on economic change in villages and municipalities. Our guiding idea is the paradigm of competitive governments: We believe that the Chinese way to the market economy is strongly shaped by the competition among locations and their political actors.

This ICCE/GIS database can be used to generate a large variety of topical maps. In our website, we provide free access to a large number of these maps and publish working papers on regional development in China. However, in order to protect intellectual property rights, we do not yet publish the database (description here). If you are interested in getting access to the data, please contact us directly.

Between 1993 and 2002, this work was supported by Märkischer Arbeitgeberverband and Volkswagen Foundation.

The project is realized by Professor Carsten Hermann-Pillath and his research team.

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