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PhD study network at CEIE in Economics and East Asian Studies

At the chair and the Institute we are very active in developing an informal research network that is based on individual PhD projects. Their research is a vital part of our work, which follows the principle of a small and lean organization.
We invite researchers from Germany and abroad to contribute to our research via their participation in our PhD study network (in which we, for sake of simplicity, also include the German "Habilitation" projects). The German PhD is so far an exclusive research oriented PhD which allows the students to focus on their individual projects, with close supervision and support by their "mentor". We support our candidates with applying for funds. In the context of China studies, we have been able to rely on the financial support of the Märkische Arbeitgeberverband to invite Chinese researchers to our Institute on a short to medium-term base.
Being both an economist and a sinologist, Professor Herrmann-Pillath is a member of the Faculty of Economics as well as an associate member of the "Faculty of Studium Fundamentale" at Witten/Herdecke University. He is therefore competent to supervise projects in both fields, leading toward either a PhD in economics (Dr. rer.pol.) or an PhD in philosophy (Dr. phil.) as the result, depending on the academic background of the researcher and the project. Graduates from the Humanities (M.A.) are only allowed to enter the Dr. phil. track and vice versa. However, the former can also join the economics department, provided that they participate in a PhD study programme building individual competence in economics.
For PhD candidates in East Asian Studies, an additional condition is that the academic review committee has to include one external reviewer who is an expert in the respective field of the thesis.
Every candidate has to be accepted by the academic committee of the faculties. Candidates from abroad may need to undergo a further inspection of their documents by the Federal Agency for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen).
Interested candidates are kindly requested to contact Professor Herrmann-Pillath directly.

  • Adam Spalek
  • Franziska Freese
  • Miaogen Zhao
  • Feng Xingyuan
  • Christian Hederer
  • Marcel Jahnke
  • Michael Jainzik
  • Li Kai
  • Pan Jiancheng
  • André S. Schulz
  • Brigitte Sitzberger
  • Kai G. Spitzer
  • Tianshu Deng
  • Yan Yumin
  • PhD Alumni

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