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Dr. Mira Maier


Award for scholarship platform

Dr. Mira Maier, Witten/Herdecke University, manages Germany's most comprehensive search engine for scholarships.

The Donors' Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany honored the internet platform with its Hochschulperle award in June. Dr. Mira Maier, founder and manager of the platform, was thus rewarded for her commitment to the non-profit initiative for a transparent scholarship system. Hochschulperle is a monthly award for innovative and outstanding projects at universities. The Donors' Association praises the free-of-charge platform as Germany's first, largest and really comprehensive overview of scholarships.

The portal was created because many existing scholarship options are neither known nor made use of. Over 90 % of applications go to less than 1 % of sponsoring organizations, while one out of five scholarship organizations has problems finding suitable candidates. Even among school leavers and students with good academic performance, only one quarter to one third apply for scholarships at all.

The advantage of is that school leavers, students and doctoral candidates need only a few clicks to find scholarships matching their particular CV. With over 1200 entries, myStipendium is the most comprehensive data base of its kind in Germany, and in great demand: more than 40.000 users per month find support and advice in their search for a scholarship. The initiative has recruited support from university presidents, deans, international offices, student bodies, course advisors etc. at 248 higher education institutions.

Dr. Maier completed her doctoral studies in mathematical economics at the UW/H Chair of Macroeconomics and International Economics recently and will continue her academic career at Witten/Herdecke University.  

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