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Do you know who the UW/H Partner Universities are?

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Do you know who the UW/H Partner Universities are?

Deciding where to spend a semester abroad may seem like a difficult decision for many students. UW/H currently holds partnerships with more than 70 Universities world-wide. To make it easier for students to decide where they want to go, we launched our new Instagram campaign #introducingourpartners in May. The campaign introduces partner universities together with current UW/H students, who have already visited them.

In May 2021, the International Office launched its new Instagram campaign #introducingourpartners. Each week, a new UW/H partner university from around the globe is introduced with the help of some fun facts about the destination. Additionally, UW/H students who have already spent some time at the respective university share their experience and offer to answer questions about the destination. The campaign aims at presenting the great variety of UW/H partnerships to current UW/H students in a fun, interactive and informative way to make sure that students are well-informed about their possibilities.

So far, partner universities from South Africa, Mexico, Switzerland, China, South Korea, Italy and Spain were introduced. Below some of the participating UW/H students share their impressions:

B.Sc. Management: Bjarne Tepel, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa: “The semester abroad offers the ideal opportunity to gain intercultural experience, deepen language skills and to get to know the differences in teaching methods in other countries. It is a great opportunity to go abroad during your studies, which I can recommend to everyone!”

M.Sc. Psychology: Sophie Gröning, University of Bern, Switzerland: „A beautiful city and amazing nature, supportive lecturers and exciting classes. I would go for the semester abroad in Bern anytime again, even in the time of online classes.”

M.A. PPE: Fabian Klein-Arndt, IPADE Business School, Mexico: “IPADE offered me the memorable opportunity to discuss challenges with inspiring people in the unique Mexican environment.”

Dentistry: Vincent Czenskowski, University of Brescia, Italy: „Mi piace la leggerezza - I like the easiness! In Italy, life proceeds at a somewhat different pace. Brescia has so much more to offer for Erasmus students besides the Mille Miglia and the location between Lake Garda and Milan.”

B.A Management: Caroline Grube-Nagel, Korea University, South Korea: “I can only recommend choosing KU for a semester abroad to everyone! Seoul as a city of ten million is diverse – from modern business districts to traditional Hanok Villages to mountains in the middle of the city. Studying in an international environment at a campus university that belongs the SKY universities completes my bachelor studies at UW/H very well.”

B.A PPÖ, Jonas Grunau, Hong Kong Baptist University, China: “During my semester abroad, I got to know Hong Kong in its tension between Western ideals of freedom and the harsh reality of Chinese intervention. Particularly impressive in this regard were the conversations with students from Hong Kong. The courses at the university were mostly interactive and there were Stufu-like options such as Public Speaking. Apart from that, I was especially surprised by how much nature Hong Kong offers and how strong the contrast is between impressive metropolis and beautiful national parks.”

B.A Philosophy and Cultural Reflection, Ramona Szymczak, University of Granada, Spain: „It's obvious how beautiful Granada is and I was very lucky to have lived in an apartment with a view of the snowy mountains. I miss that! Life in Andalucía /Granada has its own pace. If you're hungry at 6pm, you don't have to try and order pizza, it's far too early for dinner and everywhere will still be closed. La Siesta es muy importante and I needed some time to adjust my inner clock. I mainly took courses at the faculty of politics and sociology and really enjoyed it! But make sure you study enough Spanish prior to your Erasmus as most courses are in Spanish.“

For more information about the campaign, visit the International Office Instagram Channel here: @internationaloffice_uwh.

To find out which other universities UW/H currently partner with, check this link or get in touch with the International Office via


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