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    Junior Professorship of Development Economics


    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Magdalene Silberberger
    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Magdalene Silberberger
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    Rethinking Development

    Originally, the primary objective of development economics was economic growth. Nowadays, development describes a process by means of which a country improves the economic, political and social prosperity of its population.

    As various disciplines are important in this respect, research on development economics cannot only deal with economic aspects. In fact, it is necessary to always evaluate a country’s situation within in the actual overall context.

    Our research issues
    Our objectives

    Our teaching activities focus on economic growth and sustainable development issues in a globalized economy. We are looking for factors contributing to the fact that some countries grow much faster than others by applying various methods of analysis. Based on these findings, we strive for providing recommendations for improving the living conditions in developing countries.

    Our aim is to provide students with an interdisciplinary insight into the various topics of development economics. Moreover, students shall learn how to discover and evaluate the determinants relevant to a country.

    Forms of learning

    In general, teaching is provided in form of seminars and based on empirical literature to be prepared by the students on their own. We promote and demand active student participation.


    • Trade policy
    • Fiscal policy
    • Regulation and development
    • Sustainable development
    Non-Tariff Trade Barriers
    Taxation Capacity
    Institutions and Development
    Sustainable Development
    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Magdalene Silberberger

    Jun.-Prof. Dr.
    Magdalene Silberberger

    Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Department für Philosophie, Politik und Ökonomik)
    Juniorprofessur für Development Economics

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