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Die Gründungsidee mit einem Lieferdienst von regionalen Biolebensmitteln ist zunächst auf Berlin konzentriert. London ist das nächste Ausbauziel.

April 29: Expert meeting in Witten on assistance from family businesses for small startups and on innovative impetus for established enterprises.

Over 200 former students came together at national alumni meeting in Witten.

UW/H alumni Daniel Schütt and Stefan Peukert with record figures

[Translate to Englisch:] Werner M. Bahlsen

Managers of food industry discuss trends and future challenges at Future Conference Food.

Exclusive circle of 20 companies maximum meets ca. 80 students with pioneering spirit and interdisciplinary training. Registration deadline is April 15.

[Translate to Englisch:] Dr. Mira Maier bei der Verleihung (Fotos: Christian Klant)

Oldest organization promoting social entrepreneurs honours UW/H alumna.

[Translate to Englisch:] v.l.n.r.: Dennis Ortmann, Frank Thelen, Patrick Schramowski, Niklas Priddat

UW/H students win #MakeItHappen competition with smartphone app; ceremony last Friday in Berlin. New project TravelMate facilitates travel accounting.

[Translate to Englisch:] Mobiles Wasserlabor

UW/H Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management provides clean water in South African nature reserve with mobile water laboratory and staff training.

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New publications

  • Steiner, M.; Eggert, A.; Ulaga, W.; Backhaus, K. (2014): Do Customized Service Packages Impede Value Capture in Industrial Markets?, in: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.
  • Windeck/Weber/Strauß (2014): Enrolling Managers to Accept The Business Partner – The Role of Boundary Objects, in: Journal of Management and Governance, im Erscheinen.
  • Priddat, B.P.: Economics of Persuasion. Ökonomie zwischen Markt, Kommunikation und Überredung, Metropolis 2015Priddat, B.P.: Homo Dyctos. Netze, Menschen, Märkte. Über das neue Ich: market-generated identities. Marburg: Metropolis 2014
  • Ewa Dabrowska/Joachim Zweynert: "Economic Ideas and Institutional Change: The Case of the Russian Stabilisation Fund", in: New Political Economy, 2014
  • Alexander Libman/Joachim Zweynert: "Ceremonial science: the state of Russian economics seen through the lens of the work of 'Doctor of Science' candidates", in: Economic Systems, 38 (2014)

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