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    PPE - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (B.A.)

    What is special about the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Bachelor at UW/H?

    Why is it so difficult to stop mining for lignite, to develop digitization strategies or to avoid a new euro crisis? Our approach to such issues is "taking multiple perspectives" –  as complex problems can neither be fully understood with just one theory, nor can they be tackled on the basis of economic or political expertise alone. By studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics, however, you will systematically learn how to analyse complex issues comprehensively in order to find appropriate solutions. This degree programme provides you with important competencies for assuming responsibility in politics or economics later on.

    Start your career while studying

    Twice a year, our Career Service invites companies such as McKinsey & Company, Inc., RWE AG, Thalia Bücher GmbH, just to name a few. This enables students to start networking early on and to find internships or their first job.

    Independent Studies - take your studies further

    You can enrol for Independent Studies in exchange for regularly offered courses and pursue your own projects and ideas. These will be credited (in CP) as academic achievements.

    Step into a committed community - take part in student initiatives

    Witten/Herdecke University provides an optimal environment to give equally-minded students chances to meet. No matter the topic - you will find somebody for intense dicussions or opportunities to contribute.

    Studierende diskutieren
    Get connected with UW/H alumni

    There are various opportunities to benefit from the experiences of our alumni – e.g. during workshops or through mentoring programmes and lectures.

    The degree programme suits you if you …

    • are not only interested in politics and the economy, but would also like to understand how each of them works,
    • are interested in theories and want to develop creative solutions for social problems on the basis of empirical data,
    • believe that different theories and diverse perspectives will help you to better address the issues you are concerned about,
    • would like to interactively learn in small groups how to clearly define your position,
    • appreciate setting your own focus and being free to organise your curriculum,
    • are keen on getting things underway and changing society for the better,
    • consider yourself a dedicated and responsible member of society.

    If this is you, we are looking forward to your application and to accompanying you on your way to developing your potential and achieving your goals.

    • Winter semester: October 1
    • Summer semester: April 1
    Deadline for applications  
    • January 31 (Early Bird November 15) for the summer semester
    • June 30 (Early Bird May 15) for the winter semester
    Duration and scope 180 credits within 6 semesters
    Academic degree Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) or double degree programme
    Form of studies First academic degree qualifying for a profession
    Language mainly German, some courses in English
    Stay abroad voluntary
    Size of courses about 25 students
    Application Online application and personal selection procedure
    Application fee No application fee for the winter semester 2020/21

    THE degree programme for creative minds

    If you want to understand how politics and the economy work and how the two systems are interrelated, you need to have both: sound knowledge of political science and of economics. Just remember: each law made by politicians has an impact on the economy. This does not only apply to stopping lignite mining, raising carbon taxes, the regulation of banks or immigration law, but also to minimum wages, rent caps and diesel bans in city centres. At the same time, well-organised industries, such as the automotive industry, try to influence policy decision-making.

    In order to understand the mutual relationship between politics and the economy well enough to be able to develop solutions, however, you will need even more: namely an understanding of the historical and cultural, legal and moral background determining how individuals act in politics and in the economy.

    Our Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Bachelor’s degree programme thus adds value to your career prospects: You will not only acquire expertise in these three disciplines, but also learn to analyse social problems from various perspectives in interdisciplinary modules. We aim at providing our students with the skills for understanding contexts, thoroughly analysing problems and conceiving solutions afterwards.

    Taking advantage of multiple perspectives

    PPE (B.A.) graduates are therefore well ahead of 'single-discipline' political scientists or economists. While the latter search for political or economic solutions solely within the logic of their own profession, PPE graduates are skilled in interdisciplinary thinking, analysis and thus in developing comprehensive concepts. Employers are well aware of these advantages: the Philosophy, Politics and Economics programme thus opens up attractive professional options in public administration, organisations, associations, foundations, NGOs or think tanks, but also in enterprises and the media. Moreover, the programme provides an excellent basis for a subsequent master’s degree programme – either focusing on one of the three disciplines or further pursuing the interdisciplinary approach.

    Further information

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    Why study at UW/H?

    Witten/Herdecke University (UW/H)
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    Top scores for PPE bachelor’s degree

    StudyCheck rankings regularly confirm: Students of PPE bachelor’s degree at
    Witten/Herdecke University highly recommend their study programme.

    Marla Hinkenhuis, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (B.A.) student
    Studying PPE means viewing humans and their world from more than one angle. We expand our view by the perspectives of all three disciplines and combine the different viewpoints to reach a comprehensive understanding. This understanding serves as a basis for choosing our own foci at Witten/Herdecke University, where we enjoy great freedom in organizing our studies.
    Marla Hinkenhuis, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (B.A.) student
    Philip Kuck, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (B.A.) student
    PPE as an interdisciplinary degree demands from students to set foci during their studies. Working for DEG has helped me find my focus in development (economics). I was able to apply the knowledge acquired at Witten/Herdecke University; to reflect on concepts, ideas and techniques in a practical sense outside of academia.
    Philip Kuck, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (B.A.) student
    Leonie Weber, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (B.A.) student
    In my opinion, PPE is rather an attitude than a degree programme. It’s about finding the courage to escape from given conventions and to question preset patterns and rules when they are inconclusive.
    Leonie Weber, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (B.A.) student
    Hon.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer, Director, Floßbach-Von Storch Research Institute
    Our courses are designed not only to convey expertise but to promote a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Participants learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Graduates know how to employ the acquired knowledge with confidence in practice.
    Hon.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer, Director, Floßbach-Von Storch Research Institute
    Cornelius Thor, Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft DEG-KFW
    As an internationally operating institution at the interface of politics, markets and economies, we are looking for people with a sure grip on, and an excellent understanding of, the problems and challenges of today's connected and interconnected world. From our point of view, a bachelor degree in PPE at Witten/Herdecke University is an excellent preparation for any leadership position in international politics, business or economics.
    Cornelius Thor, Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft DEG-KFW
    Lukas Miggo, PPE (B.A.) graduate and Management (M.A.) student
    For me, the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics is a perfect blend of theory and practice, combining the academic content of all three disciplines. The interlinked and 'outside the box' concept of the programme can easily be transferred to social and entrepreneurial projects and I have discovered my passion for this concept.
    Lukas Miggo, PPE (B.A.) graduate and Management (M.A.) student
    Dr. Karen Horn, Author, Journalist and Lecturer in History of Economic Thought
    Having participated in the 1st Witten Conference on Institutional Change, I can say that Witten is a place with an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness and community spirit that you don’t find at many other universities. I’m greatly looking forward to teaching a module on the relationship between liberalism and conservatism in what I think to be one of the world’s finest PPE programmes.
    Dr. Karen Horn, Author, Journalist and Lecturer in History of Economic Thought

    Students at Witten/Herdecke University organize their financial contributions to the tuition fees themselves. In 1995 students designed the Income Share Agreement (ISA) and set up the StudierendenGesellschaft (SG) in order to enable students to study regardless of their financial background.

    UW/H Career Service

    Our Career Service fosters the professional career of our students right from the start by organising career workshops on job applications, design thinking workshops, the "Marriage Market" recruitment fair or company field trips. Various events throughout the year aim to bring students and companies together, provide start-up support for successfully launching their career and help gaining initial work experience. In addition to these services, the Career Center site – an online job market for UW/H students – provides access to job offers and events for UW/H students.

    Marriage Market recruiting evening

    The UW/H Marriage Market is a recruiting evening at which UW/H students can meet future employers. Twice a year, various companies present their job offers and career opportunities on campus, aiming to meet potential employees on a personal level. From the prospect of getting a student trainee job to successfully starting their career: Students have the opportunity to connect through face-to-face conversations, as well as to establish and expand their professional network from the first semester.

    Lifelong relationships: UW/H alumni

    Our alumni remain closely connected to their alma mater long after graduation. By participating in various committees and initiatives around the university, they keep track of our development and get actively involved. Our annual UW/H Alumni Meeting is therefore not only a reunion event for former fellow students and for recollecting past memories: Graduates also meet current students in workshops, impart their experience and establish new contacts. Via the Almanac – the alumni online portal – they are also able to access the experience and expertise of the alumni network, now over 7,000 members strong.

    UW/H Network of Businesses and Organisations

    Our network of businesses and organisations does not only comprise contacts to partner companies and organisations in the region, Germany and abroad, but also the continuous involvement of external experts in seminars of our degree programmes, our alumni network, the Marriage Market recruitment fair, and our Career Service, which advises students on their career development.


    This study programme requires B2 German knowledge. Please apply via our German website.

    Your contact for the application process
    Christiane Weber
    Your contact for the application process

    Christiane Weber

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    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Sauerland
    Academic course convener

    Univ.-Prof. Dr.
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