Faculty of Management, Economics and Society

    Department of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

    Understanding and shaping social change

    Digital transformation, impacts of climate change or globalisation – these are some of the major transdisciplinary challenges for social change, which are the starting points and motivation for research and teaching at the PPE Department. Our range of courses aims at elaborating theoretical and methodological resources in order to understand and actively shape sustainable and fair social development. The variety of perspectives and methods, cooperation across academic disciplines and extensive engagement of our students drives us to adapt our teaching concept to a permanently changing economic and social environment. All our degree programmes implement the triad between understanding and reflecting on problems as well as creating solutions.


    Research at the Department of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is fundamentally anchored in the disciplines, distinctively strives to leave the beaten track and / or is explicitly willing to drive social change. The PPE Department promotes and calls for research activities leading to high-quality publications as well as research which is not afraid to express bold visions, which experiments with transdisciplinary approaches or improves people’s lives in socio-political terms. To this end, the PPE Department fosters both disciplinary in-depth knowledge and a great variety of perspectives between and within disciplines to achieve a theoretically, analytically and methodologically diverse and thus enriching research spectrum.

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    The Department pools its research activities primarily through the “PPE Institute for Social and Institutional Change” (ISIC). The aim of the ISIC mission is to develop, promote and make visible the unique approach of PPE research to social and institutional change topics. PPE research goes far beyond traditional multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary approaches by combining philosophy, political science and economics in a transdisciplinary scientific ecology.

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