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D.O. Jean-Marie Beuckels
Dr. rer. medic.

Jean Beuckels

Fakultät für Gesundheit (Department für Humanmedizin)

+49 (0)2330 / 62 3504
Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50
58448 Witten
Haus D, DG
+49 (0)2330 / 62 3810

Dr. Jean Marie A. T. Beuckels, DO

Academic education


University Diploma: Kandidaat Lichamelijke opvoeding – richting Kinesitherapie (BSc Sportscience – option Physiotherapy) at the University Ghent / Cum Laude

(Ghent, Belgium)


University Diploma Licentiaat Motorische Revalidatie

(MSc Movement Revalidation) at the University Ghent / Cum Laude

Thesis: Ninjutsu: common aspects, injuries and prevention: prospective epidemiological research of injuries during training

(Ghent, Belgien)


Diploma in Osteopathy (5 years full time education – started in the European School for Osteopathy and finished in British College for Naturopathy and Osteopathy / with Merit

Thesis: Does TMJ-tension release improve extent flexibility? (using hip and trunk flexion as a reference)

(London, England)


Bachelor of Science with full Honours in Osteopathic Medicine at the Westminster University / with Merit

Thesis: The time course of the effect of a single TMJ neuromuscular technique manipulation

(London, England)


Grad Pos-Graduaçào em Somato Psicopedagogia e Fasciaterapia

(Degree of Somatopsychopedagogy and Fasicatherapy)

Universidade Moderna de Lisboa (Modern University of Lisabon)

(Lisbon - Portugal)


Masters in Osteopathy (MSc Ost)

at the Greenwich University / with Merit

Thesis: A viscera-temporomandibular relation? Different intensities of touch on osteopathic primary visceral lesions and its impact on TMJ flexibility

(Maidstone, England)


Doctor der Gesundheidswissenschaften /Doctor rerum medicinalium (Dr. rer. medic.)

through the Department Osteopathic Medicine

at the Witten/Herdecke Univeristy / Cum Magna Laude

Thesis: Skin motion testing in osteopathic manual therapy – test conceptualisation, device engineering and pilot studies

(Witten, Germany)

Clinical practice / Professional activities

Since 1997

Private osteopathic practice in Oostkamp next to Bruges. 


Assistant, tutor and lecturer for undergraduate & postgraduate osteopathic education and fasciatherapy in different European colleges, institutes and private schools.

(Belgium – Netherlands – France – Germany – UK)


Advanced training: Testing in Integrative Manual Medicine (Applied Kinesiology und Clinical Kinesiology)

(Belgium – UK)

Since 2001

Lecturer for Postgraduate Education in osteopathic manual binary test procedures und OK (Osteopathic Kinesiology)

(Belgium – Germany)

2003 - 2016

Chief Lecturer and Instructor for the EAO (Europäischen Arbeitsgruppe Osteopathie / Osteopathic MD – association)

(Bad Oeynhausen, Germany)

Since 2004

Docent for Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) at the University Witten-Herdecke (Deutschland): postgraduate courses

(Herdecke, Germany)

Head-Docent and Head of the Osteopathic Education in Baltic College, University of Applied Science: undergraduate course

(Schwerin, Germany)

2007 - 2008

Chairman of the Research Committee for The European Federation of Osteopaths.

(Brussels, Belgium)

Since 2008

Head Docent and Director of the Department (Fachbereich) of Osteopathic Medicine (Education and Research) at the University Witten/Herdecke under the Chair of Medical Theory, Integrative Medicine and Anthroposophical Medicine

(Witten-Herdecke, Germany)

2009 - 2011

Faculty staff member and Clinical assistant Professor at the Philadelphia College for Osteopathic Medicine in the Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

(Philadelphia - USA).

Staff member of the international flying Faculty of the European School of Osteopathy (ESO)

(Maidstone – UK)

Since 2011

Faculty Staff Member University Witten/Herdecke

(Witten - Germany)

Lecturer for Visceral Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO)

(Maidstone – UK)

Since 2012

Faculty Staff Member Greenwich University

(Maidstone – UK)

Since 2013 

Flying Faculty Staff Member Greenwich University

(Moscow/St-Petersburg - Russia)

Since 2015

Head of curriculum for clinical osteopathy in medicine:

adapted student medical curriculum at the Witten/Herdecke Universtiy

(Witten - Germany)

Focus and interests

  • Osteosopathic medical theory and ostesophy
  • Causality in osteopathic medicine
  • Interactive, integrative and integral osteopathic medicine
  • Conceptuatisations of osteopathic education and teaching
  • TMJ and its interface in osteopathic care

Postgraduate taught topics since 1997

Long type topics

  • Binary testing system applied in osteopathic care
  • Integrative testing for musculoskeletal osteopathy
  • Integrative testing for visceral osteopathy
  • Integrative testing for cranial osteopathy
  • Sport and osteopathy
  • Key lesions in osteopathic care
  • Hands-on and hands-off in osteopathy: skin as interface
  • Cranial nerves and their osteopathy
  • Peripheral nerves and their osteopathy
  • Autonomic nerves and their osteopathy
  • TMJ and its osteopathy
  • Hormones and their osteopathy
  • The eye and its osteopathy
  • The ear and its osteopathy
  • The buccopharangeal region and its osteopathy
  • The heart and its osteopathy
  • Conceptualising visceral osteopathy
  • A technique panorama for visceral osteopathy
  • A technique panorama for cranial osteopathy
  • A technique panorama for musculoskeletal osteopathy
  • Fascal constructs and their osteopathy
  • A technique panorama for fascial osteopathy
  • Babies and children: their osteopathy
  • Pediatric osteopathy: a panorama of osteosophical conceptualisations
  • Osteosophical conceptualisations of field osteopathy
  • Osteopathy and biomechanics: an osteosophical background
  • Osteopathy and biokinetics: an osteosophical background
  • Osteopathy and biokymatics: an osteosophical background
  • Osteopahty and biodynamics: an osteosophical background
  • Becker, Bois & Beuckels: osteopathy and its matrix
  • Matrix osteopathy: technical aspects
  • Fasciatherapy in osteopathic care
  • Fasciatherapy MDB
  • Brain and its osteopathy: skull as interface
  • Motion, immotion and emotion and their osteopathy

Postgraduate taught topics since 1997

Short type topics

  • OAA – Cervical spine complex and its osteopahty
  • Thoracic spine and its osteopahty
  • Lumbar spine and its osteopahty
  • Sacrum – coccyx (external and internal) and its osteopahty
  • Ilium and its osteopahty
  • Hip and its osteopahty
  • Knee and its osteopahty
  • Foot and its osteopahty
  • Shoulder and its osteopahty
  • Elbow – Hand and their osteopahty
  • Neurocranium and its osteopahty (I & II)

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