Mi., 11.05.2022

UW/H Main Bulding, Room 1.172b

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RMI Guest Lecture: What does the war mean for firms in Ukraine?

Maryna Kuzhel from Kyiv National Economic University (Foto: privat)

RMI Guest Lecture: What does the war mean for firms in Ukraine?

Maryna Kuzhel from Kyiv National Economic University, currently Visiting Scholar at UW/H, will share her insights on how the Russian invasion has been affecting business in and with Ukraine.

The war on Ukraine has economic repercussions around the world and most severely on firms directly in the country that is under attack by the Russian military. How bad is the destruction already? How are firms trying to cope? What does the war mean for employees and consumers? This lecture is a great opportunity to discuss such questions with a local expert.

Dr. Maryna Kuzhel is an Associate Professor in the Business Economics and Entrepreneurship Department at Kyiv National Economic University. She works on topics such as Decision Making in Management, Marketing, and Crisis Management with a Ph.D. in Economics and more than 15 years of experience in university teaching. Having escaped the war in her home country, she currently lives in Witten with her children.

As Visiting Scholar at the Reinhard-Mohn-Institute of Management, Dr. Kuzhel engages in exchanges related to the Russo-Ukrainian War and other topics with students and researchers at Witten/Herdecke University. The guest lecture, held in English, is part of the module “Managing War” in the B.Sc. Management program and open to anyone interested in the topic.

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UW/H Main Bulding, Room 1.172b


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