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Does business model innovativeness trigger customer value co-creation? The moderating role of frequency of interaction and knowledge transfer

Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

In view of dynamic, more global market environments, businesses increasingly need to rely on measures helping them to maintain or improve their innovativeness. Our paper addresses this problem by studying the influence of business model innovativeness (BMI) on customer value co-creation behaviour. This indirect effect of BMI bears considerable potential, but has not been analysed yet. Therefore, we conducted a large-scale survey among restaurant guests to study the influence of BMI on their willingness to engage in value co-creation. We find a positive impact of BMI on several aspects of value co-creation behaviour. This effect is moderated negatively by frequency of interaction and knowledge transfer. Each of those reduces the positive influence of BMI on customer value co-creation. The empirical findings allow deriving concrete implications for both researchers and practitioners. For R&D management, this means making use of the relation between BMI and customer value co-creation bears chances, but only to some extent, as it seems to be merely fruitful in case of less-established and shorter relationships between restaurants and guests with less detail knowledge about the restaurant. Hence, approaches to make use of this innovation potential should rather address newer, more recent restaurant customers.


Clauß, Thomas & Kesting, Tobias & Naskrent, Julia


Art des Beitrags:
Vortrag / Konferenzbeitrag / Konferenzpräsentation
Veröffentlicht in:
G-Forum 2016
2016 , Leipzig

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