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Governance of open innovation networks with national vs. international scope

Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Purpose - The realization of joint innovation outcomes in open innovation networks is closely related to an efficient utilization of governance mechanisms, which coordinate joint processes (e.g. knowledge sharing) and eliminate undesired behaviours (e.g. opportunism). Hence, the purpose of this paper is to analyse the complex effects of multiple governance approaches on outcomes of open innovation networks with a national and an international scope. Design/methodology/approach – The study draws on a large-scale survey based study of 100 mechanical engineering firms involved in open innovation networks. Hypotheses are tested by means of PLS structural equation modelling. Findings – The evidence shows that the three governance mechanisms: transactional governance, relational governance and institutionalised governance significantly foster innovation outcomes of open innovation networks. In national open innovation networks, only relational governance exerts positive effects, internationally transactional and institutionalised governance is necessary. Research limitations/implications - The study contributes to research in multiple ways. First, it shows that governance of open innovation networks is crucial for their innovation performance, thereby providing some explanations for the performance differences between certain networks. Second, the results indicate, that the effects of governance mechanisms depend on the scope of the network. By showing, that the effect of governance mechanisms varies under different contextual conditions the study also contributes to the ongoing debate on combined effects of governance mechanisms. Originality/value – The paper fills important gaps in the existing research on the link between governance and performance in open innovation networks and delineates interesting areas for further research.


Clauß, Thomas & Spieth, Patrick


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Journal of Strategy and Management
2017 , Witten

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