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"soccer for a good cause" - The idea is simple: inviting various elementary schools to a nearby basic football ground to combine a big soccer tournament with a joyful cleanup during the breaks. With this idea we are trying to raise the awareness for environmental pollution and through playful experience take a small step closer to our goal: preventing waste!

If it doesn’t fit, use a bigger hammer! #2018: After numerous exciting talks with potential partners, sponsors and friends and a very interesting yet strenuous opening phase with the city administration, we were given the opportunity to organize a pilot project on the basic football ground in Wattenscheid-Höntrop. All in all, six teams of six to ten-year-olds played against each other and above all with each other. During a break, we encouraged everyone to pick up a handful of carelessly thrown away garbage from the surrounding nature and we found three large bin bags and an old scooter seat within moments. „It was so much fun“ and the first success of our vision.

#2019: 5 basic football grounds - 5 tournaments - 1 goal: the liberation of our city from all types of garbage, especially plastic waste! Regarding this summer season's goal, I can say today: WE ROCKED IT! - 1.7 tons of garbage could be collected with the active support of more than 800 children from their schoolyards and basic football grounds. Furthermore we were able to inspire a total of 20 elementary schools in Bochum with our concept of active environmental protection, combined with the strong integrative and communicative power of soccer. Today we want to say thank you to all partners, sponsors and friends from "die Falken Bochum“ and „Fanprojekt Bochum“ for making it possible, to GLS Bank, Kong Island, 11Teamsport and Herzog Quelle for supplying our tournament series and to all helping hands during this summer season. We’re keeping at it.

Things can always change! #2020: Everyone can be part of the change - be part of our movement!
1. Our clean-up campaign #eineHandvollMüll has accompanied us both in the (school) activities and in our social media channels. The idea is simple: Collect and dispose of a handful of garbage every day (no matter where) - you can do this for yourself but also share it with your friends and encourage them to do the same.
2. Get involved in our team and organize big soccer tournaments at a basic football ground or schoolyards in Bochum or in Witten. Here, only the cleanup is a fixed component and could / should be supplemented with other creative ideas to get closer to our goal: preventing waste! Furthermore, we cooperate with the contributors of „FÜLLBAR/ettics“ and the city administration of Witten to expand our efforts in the field of education and enlightenment work. We are currently mobilizing our partners, sponsors and friends, looking for suitable formats and to get in touch with interested schools in Witten. 


Patrick Schulz

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